Google in 2020: What’s new with G Suite & Google Cloud?

A tour of the latest Google updates

Google is known for driving innovation with a frequency that is greater than almost any other Internet company. This innovative power is expressed in a multitude of new launches, features, and experiments.

The Google-sphere doesn't just consist of the world-famous search engine but offers everything development tools to enterprise software such as the G Suite and hardware solutions.  It can sometimes be easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of products and services available.

Kevin A. McGrail was kind enough to talk about all of these exciting updates in the latest issue of Seibert Media's TechTalk. Kevin is Director of Business Growth at InfraShield and is also Google Developer Expert and Google Ambassador.

In the in-depth TechTalk session, Kevin takes a tour of some of the most important innovations in Google's world and looks ahead to future plans. So what is new for Google in 2020? And what comes next? Hear what he had to say:

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