BSH Hausgeräte: Servicing 60,000 employees with Confluence & Linchpin

First-hand project insights

The Tools4AgileTeams conference is always a platform to review innovation projects in companies, to share experiences from software implementations, and to present use cases of modern collaboration tools.

At the recent T4AT 2020, Peter Giglinger gave us an overview of the implementation of a new intranet based on Confluence and Linchpin at BSH Hausgeräte (Home Appliances) GmbH. Peter works there as an IT Business Consultant for Atlassian & Collaboration Services.

BSH received professional support from our Linchpin partner XALT during the course of the project.

A modern intranet for changing requirements

Over the past ten years, the group's existing corporate intranet had increasingly become an outdated information platform. The complex and static content structure and the strict top-down communication approach could no longer meet user requirements.

The challenge: The project team was called upon to develop an easy-to-use solution within a year that would meet the changing needs of 60,000 office and plant employees worldwide.

In his presentation, Peter looked back at the process of developing and implementing the system, presented the current solution, and highlighted learnings from the project that other organizations with similar plans can benefit from. Here is the recording of the interesting session:

The BSH Intranet Story on our website.

We have summarized more about why BSH looked for a new intranet solution, what the requirements were and what the solution looks like in a detailed customer reference story on our website.

Linchpin Suite: Social Intranet with Confluence

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Linchpin Intranet Suite 4.0: Improvements in the admin area, microblog & directory

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