Aura for Confluence Cloud: Create well-structured, beautiful & user-friendly pages

How usable is your Confluence content?

Being able to centrally and transparently map permanently relevant content in a Confluence wiki is essentially a good thing. Corporate information, documents, reports, and more benefit from Confluence. But what actually happens to all this content within Confluence? Is it all actually used or read? Are employees able to find the information fast and really work with it efficiently? A better question might be: Are people engaged, and do they enjoy using the content? Should you use Confluence as an external resource for your customers - what are they saying about their experiences?

Let's be real. In practice, most Confluence systems sometimes consist of shorter but more often longer walls of text that are tedious to skim. Giving the user a time-consuming and perhaps frustrating experience isn't exactly what you had in mind, right? Having someone within your organization who is tasked with the wiki's caretaking - maintaining reader-friendly content - is a luxury for many.  The onboard resources in Confluence in terms of making the content visually appealing are fairly limited. This is especially true when we want to upgrade existing pages since there are no templates to fall back on.

Your ticket to higher-quality Confluence pages

Is it possible to get out of the "boring & unattractive" pages rut in Confluence? Absolutely! Say hello to Aura - Beautiful Formatting Macros. Aura for Confluence gives you access to the tools that can turn cluttered, unattractive Confluence pages into visually appealing, well-structured & user-friendly documents. The app offers various content macros for teasers, buttons, maps, navigation functions, individual color management, and more - and all this without having to call in design experts or make any technical adjustments.

Aura for Confluence Cloud Use Cases
These are all examples of the different use cases that can be built with Aura. Details and more examples are available in the demo area with a sample gallery.

So what are the benefits?

With Aura, you'll find a higher user acceptance and adoption of Confluence within your company. Things become more efficient because you can now find the information you need quickly. Cutting down on the frustration and tedium leads to higher user satisfaction with your systems. Who doesn't want that?

If you aren't familiar with Aura yet, look at the introductory, step-by-step guide, which provides a good introduction and overview of the possibilities. Or would you like to get started right away? Our Aura team gives a 90-minute online training every month, which is great for learning the functional basics and using the product effectively.

Introducing Aura for Confluence Cloud

Until now, the Aura app for Confluence has been available for Atlassian Server and Data Center. However, after Atlassian brought the end of the server product line in February, the path for many customers will lead to the Cloud in the medium-term. The Atlassian development team is investing in Confluence Cloud development, which offers an alternative to Server and Data Center. Since more and more third-party extensions are being delivered for the cloud version, this is a solid investment in the future. We have now made Aura for Confluence Cloud available as an app to make everything future-ready!

Aura for Confluence Cloud

Aura has recently become available on the Atlassian Marketplace for Confluence Cloud.

The growing range of functions and ongoing development

Shortly after the initial release, the cloud version already has almost all the features that customers and users already know from the server or data center. Features like backgrounds, buttons, maps, separators, panels, titles, color management, and more are available - and all this with live previews in edit mode.

Some extended functionalities -currently not available in the cloud option- will be added by the development team as soon as possible. Currently, tabs are at the top of the priority list and should be integrated with upcoming releases. (Current information on further development can be found in the product roadmap). Aura is prepared for the next evolutionary phase of Confluence. The development team will continue to regularly implement new functions and customer requests - not only for Data Center but also for Cloud.

Live demo and free trial

If you would like to learn more and see more examples and use cases, you can check out the live demo within Confluence's environment. If you want to try out Aura directly, you can simply install the app in your cloud or data center system via the Atlassian Marketplace to test the solution at your leisure and in full.

We also offer Aura training remotely to give you a quick start into the world of Aura!

Feedback, questions, and constructive input are greatly appreciated by our development team. 🙂

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