The Clearbox Intranets Report and how Linchpin stacks up

Clearbox Intranets Report: An Independent evaluation

Last year we participated in Clearbox's intranets report with our social intranet solution Linchpin. The report is now available and we can finally tell you more about it! We are pleased to report that we made a positive impression with our solution. Overall, Linchpin garnered positive reviews as a powerful collaboration platform that offers many options. In addition to the extensive customization options, the benefits and integration possibilities in the Atlassian ecosystem were also highlighted. But the Independent Intranets Report highlights many more aspects of Linchpin and other intranet systems.

What is the Clearbox intranets report about?

Clearbox intranets report LinchpinClearbox Intranet Report

The report comprises of a neutral evaluation of all the intranet solutions available. Based on certain criteria, these solutions were compared based on how they met the needs of the users. The report is more than just a list of features and functions. It's about real use cases that the products should cover. Each vendor was then put under the microscope so that the Clearbox team could evaluate each of the products' business and usage scenarios. The criteria was as follows:

  • User experience and visual design
  • News and publishing
  • Engagement, collaboration, and social-friendliness
  • Ease of searching for, and finding information
  • Publisher and admin experience
  • Analytics and content quality
  • Digital workplace integration
  • Microsoft 365 integration
  • Wildcard

Why the Clearbox intranets report is relevant

Clearbox reviewed a total of 16 intranet solutions in detail with 7 additional products that were summarized with an overview of their highlights. The detailed reviews comprised of the following:

  • Around 20 pages of analysis per solution and the essential information needed for an RFP
  • A scoring system and an overview that compares and contrasts each solution
  • Dozens of screenshots showing the best and most interesting features of each product.
  • Straight-to-the-point technical information that you won't have to search for now

The report is a true deep dive and comprehensive overview of the intranet solutions on the market. It shows how Linchpin stacks up against the competition but is a completely independent evaluation. Clearbox is a consulting and services firm and doesn't sell software products. They also don't charge the vendors a fee to be featured in the report or require sponsorship of any kind.

Free Summary

The Clearbox team offers the executive summary of their Independent Intranets Report. The 70-page summary is available for download when you submit your email address.

Independent intranets report exec summary

Please note: If you are a customer of Seibert Media, you can request the full 420-page report at a discounted price from Clearbox. Contact us to receive a code for the discount!

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