New in Aura: Update your status for even better collaboration

Set and change your status on Confluence pages as you wish

We appreciate the opportunity to work with colleagues, despite the distance, without any problems. Here, tools like Atlassian Confluence are of great help. However, if you know Confluence, you know that there is a small weakness - the look. To a limited extent, it is possible to structure pages and make them look appealing. For a long time, you just had to deal with it. Luckily, with Aura that is no longer the case. 

This useful Confluence app makes everything look better - whether it's about documentation, knowledge platforms, landing pages, team pages, etc. Aura provides a suite with simple and intuitive macros that offer many functionalities. Boring pages and boring texts can now be transformed into visually high-quality, structured content. There is no programming effort needed. Moreover, Individual or company-specific customization is not a problem (it’s even fun).

Integrate live status - in a matter of seconds

Aura is releasing a new macro: it is now possible to integrate an intuitive “Status Macro” into every Confluence page. You can easily change the status at any time by selecting the appropriate status from a predefined selection list. Also with the help of the new macro, you can quickly set or change the correct status for an already live page. You not only keep your teammates up-to-date, but also enable others to coordinate their tasks and next steps with your progress. 

This is what the new Aura Status Macro can do

These are the new features:

  • Change status directly on the Confluence page (select the appropriate setting from the predefined list) without first having to switch to edit mode.
  • Add status to Confluence pages and select a tailor-made status list so that all future status changes can be carried out quickly and easily. 
  • Set up status sets directly in the macro and status within these sets, adjust appearance and design for better visibility on Confluence pages.

… first in the Cloud Aura Status Macros for Confluence Cloud

The Status Macro is celebrating its premiere in the Aura Cloud version for the time being. But on-premise users won't have to wait much longer: the release will take place soon. If and when the time comes, you will of course find out directly!

Make your Confluence pages better

Aura has many different macros that you can use to get more out of your Confluence pages. With macros like tabs, panels, maps, or backgrounds, you can turn any Confluence page into engaging content that is visually appealing to readers and conveys information in a memorable and structured way. With the new Live Status macro, you can now add another important piece of information - for even better collaboration and structure.

Live demo and free test

Would you like to learn more? See examples or use cases or try out the new status feature directly? Then you can test it yourself  here to your heart's content or book a live demo. Or do you want to get started right away? Our Aura team gives a 90-minute online training course, which is great for getting to know the functional basics and using the product effectively.

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