Atlassian Days Brazil by OAT Solutions: “The Future of Digital Collaboration with Linchpin”

People seek out social relationships. They want to be part of a community, to communicate and be heard. Distributed work and large companies can make this more challenging. Software helps companies bring employees together - it fosters community rather than just individual teams, departments, or locations.

A social network can contribute to happier and more productive employees. People who feel comfortable in their work environment are appreciated and have access to information whenever they need it, and they tend to identify more strongly with their employer. Other advantages are, of course, increased productivity and less illness. With increasing motivation, everyone contributes towards the company's success and the results of that work improve.

As part of OAT Solutions’ “Atlassian Days Brazil”, Colin Helke, the North American Consultant for Seibert Media which is based in Wiesbaden Germany, gave an overview of Linchpin Hey (former Linchpin Cloud) to virtual attendees of the conference. Seibert Media is a Platinum Solution Partner for Atlassian and a Google Cloud Partner. Linchpin is one of several partner solutions Seibert has developed for Atlassian’s Confluence and Jira platforms.


In 2020, Linchpin turned five years old. Considered the premier “social intranet” system for the Atlassian ecosystem, Linchpin is used by over 250 customers of all sizes and across all industries. Currently, it has over 1,000,000 unique users and 30 partners and intranet specialists who sell and provide support for the product. To note - Atlassian Server is no longer available for sale as of February 2021. “End of Life” service and support will take place in February 2024.

Without great surprise, the global pandemic of COVID-19 has drastically affected the workflows and workplace practices of companies large and small all across the globe. Remote work has now truly come into its own as an integral part of the new working world. Taking cues from the management of tech firms of the likes of Twitter and Salesforce, while keeping in mind the impressions of employees such as those from a recent survey of 7,000 workers throughout Germany, companies will need to allow for a combination of fully remote, hybrid-remote, as well as the traditional “on-site” work environments.

Social relationships appear to be dissolving as a result of this transition and this has come as a great disappointment to current employees in the workforce. The team took this into consideration developing the Linchpin Hey roadmap. While it will retain many features from its’ roots as a server-based Software As A Service (SaaS), new features and options will be incorporated over time as it further develops as a cloud-based platform.

Firstly, setting the tone and impression of the entire experience on Linchpin Hey, the look and feel will be highly customizable to match a company’s branding practices; logos, fonts, colors, etc. The landing or “home page” is the first place where employees will arrive and from there, they’ll be able to access all information relevant not just to the company as a whole, but more specifically, their workgroup will have highly customizable and updated information seamlessly delivered to them. Staff can personalize their reading list with articles and content specific to their needs. Content is easy to create, simple to format and maintains consistency.

User Profiles (“People”) remain a key staple of Linchpin Hey and are expanded upon to accommodate the geographically expanded workforce of today and tomorrow. Key informational elements such as a team member’s respective skills, languages, responsibilities, department, etc. can be quickly referenced to ensure that everyone can easily find the colleagues they need to reach. Events also remain a key component of Linchpin Hey. Staff can search out and sign up for posted events expanding not only their skillsets but their social network across the company.

In a nod to the popularity of platforms such as Facebook, a Posts feature has been added as a live feed or “microblog” function. These posts can run the gamut featuring team members’ favorite pictures of their pets, company financial news - any topics the company feels should be included. Individuals can then determine which topics are and are not of interest to them and include or filter them out of the Posts feed. Team members can also “Like” and comment on these posts just as they would on Facebook or Twitter. 

Extending the remote user’s effectiveness, the mobile app version of Linchpin keeps the browser-based look, feel, and functionality consistent when they’re on the go outside of their home offices.

To help kick off Linchpin Hey and encourage folks to give it a try, Seibert Media has created an “Early Adopter Program”. This includes a variety of great benefits including early access pricing, invitations to feedback meetings, and the Linchpin product roadmap, as well as a dedicated support channel. Interested individuals can test drive Linchpin right now via a free trial, and ask questions of Seibert staff directly via the link

We hope you’ll take advantage of this incredible opportunity to experience firsthand the Linchpin Hey platform as it leads the way in the next phase of the work from anywhere revolution.

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