Linchpin Intranet Suite 5.1: Here are 6 new things you should look forward to!

Our development teams are continuously working on the Linchpin Intranet Suite. The current focus is clearly on performance. We want Linchpin to become faster and better all the time. Nevertheless, new functions and general improvements await you, too! A new version of the Linchpin Suite will be delivered as an update in September.

So here's an overview of the new features and improvements in the upcoming Linchpin Intranet Suite 5.1 - stay tuned, it's worth it!


Performance improvements for the Linchpin Intranet Suite

When developing Linchpin, we always take feedback from our customers into account. Your feedback and our own analyses have shown that there's definitely room for improvement in terms of performance, we admit that. That's why we've decided to invest a lot of time in this area.

The improvements you can look forward to affect many of our (child) apps and impact the entire suite. We've managed to optimize caches and reduce loading times. Both our macros and pages should now load faster. We know that many of our customers run large to very large instances. Therefore, for example, one of the improvements concerns the performance of the "Profile" macro when it is included in a multitude on a page.

However, it is also important for us to emphasize that this release is by no means the end of the story. Performance and quality are topics that we will continue to work on in the future.


Better preview & more info on subscribable news channels

The news are a central component of the Linchpin Intranet Suite. The upcoming update adds a few new features to them.

From now on, it is even easier to find interesting news channels. Previously, if you wanted to subscribe to new spaces in which news were published, the spaces were displayed in a plain list. Linchpin Intranet Suite 5.1 brings an exciting improvement: the list is replaced by a powerful overview that brings many useful features.

It's immediately noticeable: The plain list was replaced with informative tiles. Using the search field, you can easily search for keywords and thus find the right news channels faster. The new info button provides you with relevant information about the spaces available for a subscription - how many news items have already been published here? When was the last publication? In addition, you can also preview the news in this space directly in the macro, to make it even easier to decide whether said news-producing space might be interesting for you. You can also use the filter to switch between a view for all available spaces and a view for the spaces you are already subscribed to.

Linchpin Enterprise News - New subscription overview


Linking events with blog posts

For some time now, you have been able to link events created in Linchpin with Confluence pages. This is especially helpful if you want to provide additional information in the wiki or work together on content during the event.

We have now extended this function. In the future, you will also be able to link events to a blog post. If there is additional information about your event in the form of a blog article, you can now access it directly from the event.

Linchpin Events - Link events with blog posts


On our way to accessibility

The Linchpin Theme also plays a large and important part within the Linchpin Intranet Suite. Here, too, we have improved caching. Another great innovation concerns the topic of accessibility. From now on, it is possible to navigate through Linchpin with the help of the Tab key - in fact through the whole of Linchpin. Not only are the header elements captured, but the navigation and the actual page content are now also taken into account when tabbing.


Linchpin Mobile: New view for inline comments

Of course, we've also been busy working on our Linchpin Mobile app. Until now, inline comments were displayed in the same area as page comments. As a result, it was only possible to distinguish inline conversations from regular comments to a limited extent. With Linchpin 5.1, this is a thing of the past. There is now a new view designed specifically for inline comments and inline replies only.

Linchpin Mobile - New separate view for inline comments


Linchpin Mobile: Support for videos on Microsoft Stream

Let's stick with Linchpin Mobile. Besides the new and improved view for inline comments, we also have another new feature on board in the new version.

From now on, Linchpin Mobile supports videos hosted on Microsoft Stream. You can now play videos uploaded to Microsoft Stream in the Linchpin Mobile app. The links are resolved and displayed as playable videos - just like YouTube links.



We hope that our preview of the upcoming features has whetted your appetite for Linchpin Intranet Suite 5.1! If you want to know more, you are invited to watch the current broadcast of the Linchpin update presentation from September 2, 2021! As always, Clara has provided you with a brief summary of the update here. Have fun!


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