Agile Hive Update 7

We have been hard at work over the Summer putting together some great enhancements to Agile Hive and they’re anxious for you to take a peek!
We start with a look at Feature Highlights from this most recent release, the Sneak Peek for a look at the road ahead, and finally the Monthly Review. Let’s get started!

Feature Highlights

Agile Hive feature highlights

We are very happy to present you the Program Roadmaps with Version 3.30! Product managers now have the ability to plan Agile Release Trains (ARTs) issues and Program Increments (PIs) directly on the timeline with drag and drop ease. Every action from scheduling, to moving, sorting and setting the start and end dates for the plan can now happen with a few simple clicks of the mouse. Accordingly, PI and date details are then automatically reflected in issues. We’re excited for you to put it to the test!

Was navigating between teams a frustration for you? Well, it’s no longer an issue as the new Team Switcher lets you seamlessly switch to the current view of another team or of your ART itself. From the single dropdown, select either the team in your ART you wish to view or the ART itself and you are quickly navigated to that view. You are now only two clicks away!

Quick reload in Agile Hive

The new Quick Reload feature instantly allows you to update the Agile Hive views with one click. Additionally, you can quickly see at a glance when the data was last updated in the view.

Finally, an Improved Filter has been added allowing you the ability to filter for the parent issue in the sidebar of the Breakout Board (BB) by simply enter the parent’s issue key in the search. This functionality particularly supports teams that have already broken down features into stories before PI planning takes place. 

Improved filter in Agile Hive

Now, let’s move on to the Sneak Peek.

Sneak Peek

This edition of the Sneak Peek features work currently being done on the following enhancements; Program Board (PB) Performance, New Issue Layout, Delete Program Increments (PIs), and Edit Issues in the Breakout Board (BB).

PB Performance is being improved to cut down on the current wait times for data in the User Interface (UI) to be refreshed.

After receiving comments from our customers that summaries of the current issues were not being displayed due to a lack of sufficient horizontal space, our programmers began working on a number of possible solutions via a New Issue Layout.

Next, in the near future users will have the ability to Delete PIs via the UI. We know a number of you have been seeking this functionality. Well, we’re almost there!

Finally, based on the extensive feedback we’ve received, soon users will be able to Edit Issues in the BB, directly. You read that right...coming soon to Agile Hive.


Monthly Review

Every four weeks, we at Seibert provide an update of the current state of Agile Hive, along with a preview of upcoming features. We also allow the opportunity to exchange ideas with us in real-time. There are parallel reviews provided for both our German and English speaking audiences and you can sign up to add these to your calendar:

Monthly Agile Hive review

That’s what we have for you this month. We look forward to “seeing” you in October!

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