Full steam ahead – meet us at RTE Summit Europe 2021


What do a steam locomotive and agile scaling have in common? Not much, right? Think again! Both are at the RTE Summit on November 8 and 9, 2021 in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Retro steam train

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For the official 6th meeting of Release Train Engineers, the Gladwell Academy is calling on the Railway Museum to host this year’s RTE Summit in Europe. Last year, the RTE Summit was held purely as a remote event. However, this year all RTEs and interested parties can look forward to an exchange in a very special atmosphere. At the Railway Museum, it becomes vividly apparent that goal-oriented planning, intensive collaboration between a wide variety of teams, risk minimization and the development of solutions are inextricably linked. It's an inspiring environment - what could have more impact on modern history both technically, economically and socially then the invention of the railroad? There are very few places where we can so vividly see that people achieve much more together rather than alone.

Networking in Utrecht in November

RTE SUMMIT 2021 Seibert

Take the opportunity on November 8 and 9 to exchange ideas with other RTEs and SAFe experts, expand your network, and learn all about current developments! The "RTE of the Year" quiz and the opportunity to get to know Summit partners on site also promise excitement and variety. On the first day, join speed dating in the train compartment and at the end enjoy drinks in the maintenance building, where they repaired the trains back in the day.

SAFe Fellows, RTEs, software engineers, company founders, trainers, consultants - In two compact days, you have the opportunity to learn about different use cases and solutions, listen to exciting keynotes, follow discussion rounds and get valuable tips and suggestions in interactive workshops.

Ingo Schneider (Vodafone) and Peter Weingärtner (Seibert Media) invite you to join their talk on "Happy PIPping - the rocky road of a Vodafone ART to its smoothest PI planning ever". They will show you how hard work and focus can lead to success, as long as you add a good dose of stubbornness on top! Whether you're promoting WIP limits and it’s usage for the hundredth time, finding the right tools to get things going, or patiently waiting to convince even the biggest skeptics - as long as smooth PI planning doesn't fall off the radar, Ingo Schneider can tell you how long the road to a resilient Agile release train takes. There are numerous practical tips for all participants included!

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One thing is clear: If you want to gain insight into SAFe, don’t miss the RTE Summit Europe 2021! For all that you can experience, tickets are available for 949 euros. The RTE Summit is truly a motivational booster, as one attendee expressed, “If the Dutch police can make it happen, I hope a technology company like ours can, too!" Of course, if COVID-19 does throw a spanner in the works, ticket costs will be refunded. We hope to see you at RTE Summit Europe 2021!


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