Linchpin Hey Is More Than a Social Intranet: From Congratulations and Hey Fives to Confetti

Especially now, during the time before New Year's Eve, no one will deny that humans are social animals. Winter and the time around the holidays at the end of the year are when we normally get together more, give family and friends a bit more space than on normal days and relax (apart from "Crap, I haven't got a single Christmas present yet…") Because one way or another, people look for social connections, both professionally and privately.

As an employee in a company, I would also like to be part of a community. Good networking and trust are the basis for this, but hybrid forms of work, which are encouraged by digital progress and, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic, make building social connections at work more difficult. We're sitting at our desks at home and become so-called "Lonely Workers." It becomes less common to reach out to each other and ask others for help. People no longer know each other, and the community feeling disappears.

It is now up to the companies to offer solutions that make social interaction possible in times of hybrid working, so it's good that there are solutions for this - like Linchpin Hey, which creates exactly this necessary bridge between your Lonely Workers. Linchpin Hey is cloud software that makes it possible for employees to contact colleagues themselves the way they want, in a relaxed way, either to just have a chat or to work on something together.

During the past few weeks, a lot has happened, and with its latest features, Linchpin Hey offers low-threshold opportunities for social interaction. We focus on the things your employees have in common, encourage communication and support an open and modern corporate culture that is all about the people.

Hey, Happy Anniversary!

One way to do this is to show your colleagues that you appreciate them and are thinking of them by sending them congratulations on their anniversary or a "Happy Birthday" on their birthday with the Social Happening Cards.

linchpin social happening cards

With the Social Happening Cards, you can quickly and easily send social messages. Your Dashboard displays the ones you've received.

Hey Five!

A Hey Five is an expression of appreciation. Has your team just finished a large and challenging project? Or do you just want to say hello to someone or thank them? Send them a Hey Five!

How are you today?

Linchpin Hey now offers a satisfaction survey, also called "Company Happiness Index". A widget on the Dashboard asks you every 14 days how you're doing on that day within your team and the company. After you have answered the questions, you're shown the anonymized results of the answers your colleagues have given so far.

Complete your profile - you'll get confetti!

Hardly any team remains unchanged for years - new colleagues join, others leave or change teams. The people you work with every day would of course love to get to know you. With the reminder widget, Linchpin Hey gives users a gentle nudge to complete their profiles. In your profile you can, for example, let people know what your special superpower is, whether you prefer drinking tea or coffee and which other cool skills you have. That's a great start to getting to know each other better, which in turn helps you work together better! When the profile has been completed, users will get a little surprise.

Searching made easy

Since the 2.27 update, you can search for posts and related comments in Linchpin Hey. The search results are displayed in a dropdown menu. This search feature is a live search, so it gives you results as soon as you start typing.

A glimpse into the future

What will the next few months bring? To bring more structure into the content, it will be divided into categories, so-called Topics. The content categorization will be available for Posts, News and Events.

We're also working on Team Pages. These offer an easy overview of team and department structures. Pages, on the other hand, will be suitable for any content that is relevant in the long term and should be accessible at all times; such as the fire safety regulations.

And to make sure people also get together more at work, we're focussing on Kudos and the Mystery Lunch. This, again, is all about saying "Thank you!" and spontaneously meeting for a virtual lunch or coffee break. Or a small, spontaneous team Christmas party of course!

We have summarized more details about the upcoming innovations and features in our roadmap.

Questions and contacting us

Try Linchpin Hey for yourself: The solution is available free of charge in the form of a web app and a mobile app!

Would you like to learn more about Linchpin Hey or the Linchpin Intranet Suite for Atlassian Data Center? We would be happy to talk to you about your requirements and use cases and invite you to a demo appointment. Just get in touch with us!

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