7 Tools That Make Your Cloud Migration Easier

7 tools to help with cloud migration

Many Atlassian customers say that their Cloud migrations went smoother and quicker than they had expected. One reason for this is that there are many helpers available to make the change as frictionless and efficient as possible for the teams. Read which tools you can use to make your cloud migration a breeze in this article.

Why Cloud Workers Better Position Companies for Times of Crisis

why cloud workers better position companies for times of crisis

A study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Google provides reliable data on the extent to which remote working and working with cloud technology have arrived in companies and how they are viewed internally. This blog article focuses on Germany, as this has always been one of the more privacy-focused countries in the world. You’ll be surprised how much the cloud is actually already used or planned to be used even here!

5 (and More) Good Reasons for the Cloud Part 5: The Future is Looking Up!

Welcome to the last part of our series of articles “5 (and More) Good Reasons for the Cloud”! As we all know, the best comes at the end, so we have saved one of the most important reasons – securing the future of companies. The fact is, more and more companies are moving to the cloud, with many seeing it as a must-have to gain a competitive edge. But is this hope well-founded? We take a closer look at whether (or why) the future is really looking up.

5 (and More) Good Reasons for the Cloud Part 4: How Much More Productive Can We Become?

5 reasons to move to cloud - productivity

Today we come to the 4th good reason, which is sure to make you really sit up and take notice, because it’s about productivity. Productivity is not always easy to measure, especially when it comes to creative or “intellectual” activities. But that’s not even necessary, because moving to the cloud can improve the productivity of your entire business in more ways than one.

Screw It, We’ll Do It Illegally! – Why Not Following the Company Framework Is Not Always a Bad Thing

Lars Vollmer Mark Poppenburg T4AT screw it we'll do it illegally

Companies, especially larger ones, tend to try to streamline processes throughout the company, making use of certain tools and processes obligatory. These might foresee most problems that arise based on previous experiences, but what happens when a new, unique problem occurs that can’t be solved by the framework that has been put into place? Mark Poppenburg and Lars Vollmer have explained this at last year’s Tools4AgileTeams conference, hosted by Seibert Media.