Atlassian Cloud – The Future is Looking Up!

As of February 2, 2024, Atlassian will stop support for their Server products and they recommend their clients to move to the cloud. This may sound scary to some, but this cloud has a silver lining (ha!), or actually, quite a few silver linings. There are many advantages to moving to the cloud, and many of the fears about the cloud are hopelessly outdated. The thunder cloud that you made it out to be in your mind actually turns out to be a very beautiful, non-threatening cloud that makes you forget about all your worries.

Atlassian Cloud

Did you know, for example, that Atlassian provides Migration Assistants to help you assess the apps your team is using and see which of those are available in the cloud (spoiler: most of them already are!)? Or that your administrators will have much more time to focus on things that help your company grow instead of focusing on the upkeep of the servers? Or that Seibert Media, as long-standing Atlassian Partner, can advise you during your journey into the cloud?

These and many more topics will be discussed next week in what we call our "Cloud Myth Busting" series, which consists of 8 blogs that will be published next week.

We hope that you'll find these very informative and that they reduce your fear about moving into the cloud, because the future is looking up!