How to Plan your Marketing Campaigns in Confluence Cloud

How to Plan your Marketing Campaigns in Confluence Cloud

Marketing takes a lot of effort. It also takes involvement from many different teams. On top of the effort and collaboration requirements, it is an extremely sensitive piece of work. If your marketing message is interpreted the wrong way, you could have a catastrophe, which won’t look good. Luckily, Confluence and our Properties macros help you stay on top of things quite easily.

Why healthy social interaction is important in companies

Why healthy social interaction is important in companies

The importance of social interaction is often underestimated by companies. The focus is more on the work that needs to be done and the company itself than the most important assets of the company: the people who work there. The New Work culture changes all of that. Read on to find out more about this trend and what has changed with the current pandemic.

Linchpin Review by René Vlak of SOMO

Linchpin SOMO intranet

The Center for Research on Multinational Corporations, or SOMO, conducts research concerning the influence and practices of multinational corporations from their office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. SOMO’s corporate intranet, called SOMO Community, consists of Atlassian Confluence, the Refined Theme and the Linchpin Intranet Suite. SOMO Community was launched in January 2020. René Vlak’s video review notes the several advantages offered by Linchpin and describes how they make user workflow easier.

Webinar: Marketing Teams in Confluence Cloud – How to Fine-tune Your Marketing Team!

Marketing teams in confluence cloud tips and tricks actonic seibert media webinar

What makes good marketing? As the late Steve Jobs once said: “Master the topic, the message and the delivery.” Not everyone has taken this to heart however, and many marketing teams still face unexpected challenges in getting their audiences excited about their products, services and brands, and in delivering their messages to the right audiences. This is not just because teams are currently not sitting together in the same office space, but also because they don’t have access to the right tools. On February 24, the webinar “Marketing Teams in Confluence Cloud: Our Tips and Tricks” will address precisely this problem – and show ways out of this misery.

Want to Increase Your Productivity and Wellbeing at Work? – Rethink Your Time and Your Calendar, says Google

It can be difficult to really get down to business when you’re trying to get stuff done. Notifications pop up everywhere, colleagues distract you with meetings and you jump from one too to the other. The people at Google know this as well, and give you some tips on how to be more productive by using your calendar more effectively.