How to Organize Onboarding Documents in Confluence Cloud with Properties

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When onboarding new employees, they, as well as the colleagues who will be working together with them, need quite a lot of information: what’s their role? Where are they located? Who’s their Lead? How can they be contacted? To make it easier to manage all this information, you can use the Properties macros that are part of Blueprint Creator.

Atlas: The New Teamwork Directory from Atlassian

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There are dozens, if not hundreds, of applications in every organization, and information is more distributed and harder to find than ever. That’s why Atlassian is developing a new software solution called Atlas, the first teamwork directory that aims to connect all the dots across teams, applications and work. Atlas equips teams with a common vocabulary for open communication and a shared understanding of work contexts.

Onboarding 2.0 or: How Newbies Can Quickly Hit the Ground Running with Linchpin Hey

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Onboarding needs to be well thought out and prepared, especially in times like these. With our cloud-based social intranet Linchpin Hey, we make it easier for everyone involved! Because when new employees, supported by an onboarding assistant, can easily create their own profile and share their skills or what they do in their free time, getting to know each other is no longer a problem, even in hybrid settings. In this first of a total of nine blog articles, we’ll show you what other options Linchpin Hey offers for successful onboarding and what other useful functions the social intranet has to offer.

Prerequisites for Agility – What Does your Company Need Before Going Agile?

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Business agility has become a requirement in order to merely exist in a world of fast-paced, innovative startups. But how do we get to this “agile” state? During our Tools4AgileTeams conference in 2021, Wolfgang Hilpert, an agile expert with over 25 years of experience leading product and technology organizations, told us what your organization needs before you take the plunge.

Linchpin Hey: How Does Social Interaction Within Companies Affect Employee Retention?

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We spend half our waking hours working, and working from home, especially over long periods, like during the current pandemic, has caused employees to feel disconnected from their colleagues, which can lead to mental health problems and people being dissatisfied at their job. So how does social interaction help with employee retention?