Confluence 7.19 LTS Available Now

Confluence 7.19 LTS is the name of the latest release of Atlassian's business wiki and social collaboration software for Server and Data Center. The new version is supported until 28.06.24 and has been available for download since 28 July 2022.

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What Is an LTS Release? What Benefits Does It Have?

LTS stands for Long-Term Support and was introduced as a release type with Confluence 6.6.

Each Confluence version has a lifetime of two years. After two years, the version reaches its so-called End of Life (EOL). From this point on, support for said Confluence version will be discontinued. If you ever reach this point, you really consider updating your system. (When a Confluence version is going to reach its end of life can be read online, by the way.)

For some companies, especially large organizations with complex (infra) structures, updating to every new version is not an option. Sometimes, such undertakings can take weeks or months. Everything has to be planned in detail in advance and then put through its paces once the update has been completed. Updates for critical systems are therefore often severely limited.

To ensure that companies like this don't have to sacrifice important security updates and bug fixes, Atlassian has introduced Long Term Support releases. Every year, Atlassian developers deliver at least one major release with long-term support - this year it's Confluence 7.19.

The lifetime of a release doesn't change with LTS: Atlassian will continue to provide official support for two years. However, important security updates, bug fixes and performance improvements that were only added to Confluence with more recent updates will also be made available for the older LTS release. This allows organizations with less frequent update cycles to ensure that their most important system is always running smoothly.

What's New in Confluence 7.19 LTS

Release 7.19 of Confluence contains all updates released since the last LTS version (7.13). That's a total of over 240 bug fixes, improvements and features bundled here.

Some highlights:

In addition, various security improvements have been added. You can find the full list of changes in the change log.

Updating to Confluence 7.19 LTS

Do you think you're ready to upgrade to the new Long Term Support release of Confluence Data Center or Confluence Server? Then we have good news! Atlassian has published a dedicated Confluence 7.19 upgrade guide.

This guide will help you keep an eye on important dependencies and known issues that might occur along the way — while also providing trusted workarounds. You should also take a look at Atlassian's Pre-Upgrade Planning Tool to ensure that everything is accounted for.

By the way, you can download the new release from Atlassian's download archives at any time.

Linchpin Intranet is compatible with Confluence 7.19 LTS

Linchpin Intranet Suite is an app for Confluence Data Center and Confluence Server that turns your wiki into a true and powerful social intranet. Linchpin is a fully personalized system that caters to the needs of each individual user.

Multilingualism and personalization are aspects of Linchpin that allow scaling companies with many locations and/or with many practiced languages to easily use Linchpin as their core work and communication system.

With Linchpin, Confluence is enriched with numerous useful features, such as freely creatable profile fields, a detailed expert directory, appealing news articles, a news approval workflow for internal editorial processes, personalizable navigation menus, highly visible events, and lean, fast communication options such as the Microblog, a lightweight forum macro. You can also access all of these features via a mobile app.

Linchpin is already compatible with Confluence 7.19, making it a perfect long-term companion for your Confluence system.

You can test the Linchpin Intranet Suite for free at any time. Convince yourself of the possibilities of our modern social intranet solution!

We can see an image that displays the interface of Linchpin, which is compatible with Cofnluence 7.19. In the image we see a dark header with a Linchpin logo and some navigation buttons. Below that is a navigation menu, and below that again are news tiles. To the right of the news tiles, which are a central part of the page, is the sidebar. At the bottom of the page we see upcoming events as well as helpful links in the form of teaser boxes.

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