Atlassian Codegeist 2022: Three Award-winning Apps from Seibert Media Employees

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Codegeist is Atlassian's public developer competition that encourages thousands of creative people to come up with cool product ideas every year. In 2022, the global community was once again called upon to develop and present new apps for the Atlassian Cloud based on the app development platform Forge.

Over 3,000 teams and individuals from more than 80 countries answered the call and submitted their solutions in one of three specified categories: apps for DevOps teams, apps for Business teams, and apps for IT.

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As an organiziation that is very active in the Atlassian ecosystem, it's not surprising that there are colleagues in our ranks that are overflowing with ambition and ideas to further improve Atlassian products. And so, several individuals submitted great offerings and met with great success!

The Atlassian jury has now reviewed the diverse submissions and announced the winners of Codegeist 2022. Five awards went to employees of Seibert Media!

First place in the Business category: FlowDingo

Julian Wolf has been working for us as a technical Atlassian specialist for six years, using Jira for his job on a daily basis.Atlassian Codegeist 2022 Seibert Media winners - flowdingo logo In the process, Jira is his constant companion - and with it come challenges that can cause issues, especially for intensive users.

One of these pain points is that users cannot see the relationships and workflows particularly well in the task view. The problem: tasks that are displayed in a list don't show what relation subtasks have to each other and which interactions there are between them. What should be done first? Which tasks could be worked on concurrently?

Julian's solution is called FlowDingo, and this app won first prize in the Business category, as well as the best solution from the European region. Wow!

FlowDingo is a workflow visualization tool for Jira tasks. It displays the actual work progress of a task directly in the task view. You can see which team members are working on what, and which tasks need to be solved first so that things can move forward. If tasks are not yet ready, for example because other tasks have to be solved first, the app marks them with a lock icon.

The following product video gives you an overview of how the core features of the app work. Detailed information about the intention and the realization can be found in the comprehensive project story.

Third place in the Business category: Talently

Our colleagues Samuel Lerch, Jonathan Pusinelli, and Andreas Mauer also found a solution to a challenge that annoys many teams;Atlassian Codegeist 2022 Seibert Media winners - talently logo HR teams that use Jira as a recruiting tool, to be precise. There are different projects for job postings and applications. Tasks for the individual candidates and jobs need to be created and linked manually. An overview of the open positions, the applicants, and required qualifications are missing.

This is where the Talently – Collaborative Recruiting in Jira app comes in. It takes the repetitive legwork away from the recruiters and displays the steps of the process in a dedicated collaborative tool. From the description of open positions, to requirements profiles, to the actual applications and self-assessments of candidates, Talently has it covered. The Codegeist jury awarded third place in the Business category for Samuel's, Jonathan's and Andreas's app - fantastic! 

Here's the product video that gives an impression of the most important features, while the project page sheds light on the background of the development.

Marketplace Special Award for Recommendations for Confluence

The third award-winning app is developed by Christian Heinig and Paul Pasler. The thorn in their side is how much potential isAtlassian Codegeist 2022 Seibert Media winners - recommendations for confluence logo wasted when people share training content within their companies as it often happens in a decentralized and unstructured way. As a result, many tips and firsthand experiences regarding training, valuable conferences, or readings of interest are lost or quickly forgotten.

Christian and Paul built an app that makes it possible to share these training recommendations and materials centrally. With Recommendations for Confluence, users are able to quickly enter their recommendations into a structured form. The entries reside in a separate Confluence area and can be searched or filtered by various criteria. Users who monitor the relevant area or identify specific labels are then proactively notified of new content that is of interest to them. This creates an Education Hub in Confluence as a marketplace for proven and tested training material.

Recommendations for Confluence has received a bonus award, "Best on Atlassian Marketplace", also a wonderful story! The demo video shows the main features, and the project story gives deeper insights.

Additional award for particularly constructive feedback

In addition to the award for the Recommendations app, Paul and Christian can be proud of another acknowledgement: their detailed feedback regarding the work they completed utilizing the Forge platform was judged by Atlassian to be particularly nuanced and constructive. As such, it was awarded a prize in the Feedback bonus category. Here is the process in the public ecosystem Jira instance.

Excellent achievements!

These successes at Codegeist 2022 are truly incredible achievements! They demonstrate  that empowering people, and encouraging the implementation of their great product ideas, is the right way to go. Additionally, it underlines that there are many highly talented individuals working with us! Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved, including all the helpers in the background! 😀

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