Time to Move to the Cloud – Atlassian Data Centers and Servers Will Become More Expensive in February 2023

On 15 February 2023, Atlassian will increase its price for Data Center and Server - this will impact the advantage price of Confluence and Jira software. Furthermore, for Server variants, the list price will also be affected and the sale of server apps will be discontinued. This may seem like bad news, but this could also spur new opportunities! In today's article, we will look at both the negative and positive outcomes of these changes.

Time to Move to the Cloud - Atlassian Data Centers and Servers Will Become More Expensive in February 2023New year, New Prices

According to Atlassian, one reason for the price increase is its continuous investment in the quality of its products. This includes: ongoing maintenance, platform improvements, security patch updates, and feature maintenance.

Another reason for the price adjustment is the gradual convergence of Atlassian’s advantage price offering with the list price of its products. Advantage prices are special pricing plans that are below the list price. Atlassian uses advantage prices to make the transition to list prices easier for customers. At the same time, customers are still able to use all product functions. Over the years, Atlassian will continue to move the advantage price closer to the list price.

The exact pricing changes are as follows:

Time to Move to the Cloud - Atlassian Data Centers and Servers Will Become More Expensive in February 2023 - new pricesIt's Time to Say Goodbye

Or, to quote a legendary song: "Time to say goodbye"! Atlassian is taking another step towards its "End of Service" for servers. Specifically, as of February 15th, it will no longer be possible to buy or install new server apps on the Atlassian Marketplace (except for Server apps: Fisheye and Crucible).

However, apps that are already in use can be renewed. There is no difference if these apps on the marketplace are from Atlassian or a third party - if you already own Server apps, you can continue to use them.

What Now?

Let’s discuss the opportunities mentioned at the beginning: you can take action now and react to the price adjustments! If you renew your contract or purchase new products BEFORE 15 February, you can still benefit from the unadjusted prices. Otherwise, you can take advantage of discounts or take advantage of an extended trial period before they expire.

For example, there is a 30% discount on the first year of Jira Service Management Data Centre or Cloud when signing a three-year contract for large organizations, i.e. for more than 250 users.

There is also a limited-time offer to use Jira Service Management Cloud with 10 agents for one free year. This offer is valid until 31 March 2023.

In addition, we have another limited-time offer for all Seibert Media existing customers: Until 15 March 2023, you can get a 10% discount on a Cloud Transition Workshop.

Do you want to take advantage of one of these opportunities (or discounts)? We are happy to support you! Just get in touch with us - write us an email at atlassian-licensing@seibert-media.net or arrange a consultation (in German or English)!

The Future is Looking Up!

Atlassian will stop supporting its Server products in February 2024. So use this remaining time to find out about moving to the Cloud. Or, even better - just try it out: With our Cloud Migration Trial, you can test and gain experience of the Cloud and its benefits - without having to change your existing system.

Have you already made your decision regarding the Cloud and would you like to find out whether your company is ready for migration? Then we recommend you click through our short Cloud quiz - in just 11 questions you will find out how "ready" you are for migration! It is also worthwhile to explore in the run-up to a migration the topic of "data protection in the Cloud". Together with data protection expert Thomas Rosin, we have put together some information for you here, as well as a practical flight plan with all the necessary steps to help you migrate.

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