April Fool’s Day – These Are the Best April Fool’s Jokes from Seibert Media

There is one day in the year were you should be cautious - especially if you're quite gullible. Be careful, for instance, when friends tell you about something that sounds seemingly innocent. Or when someone at work tells you about a new dress code. Or when you're on the Internet, reading the news, or browsing your social media feed. Because suddenly, on this one day - you'll see one funy news article after another and some bizarre inventions on your various social media timelines. Of course, we're talking about April 1!

At Seibert Media, we take advantage of the opportunity to have fun with our customers, newbies, or the entire team on this day. We have a rich repertoire of April Fool's jokes over the past few years. Now it's time to celebrate and check out the best ideas. And that's precisely why we've collected our favorites!

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International brand awareness - time for a new name

Since its birth in 1996, Seibert Media has remained true to its name and, thus, to its roots. But 27 years is a long time - during which the company has grown and become more international. In this course, we have found that the name Seibert Media is hard to get across to our English-speaking contacts. Instead, "Seabird Media" is on everyone's lips. So we thought: Why not get just go with it? So on April 1, 2019, we officially renamed the company to "Seabird"! Of course, we made this up.

April Fool's Day - these are the best April Fool's jokes from Seibert Media - Seabird logo

However, the name was so well received by our colleagues that we decided to affectionately adopt the nickname "Seabird" when we opened our own canteen in 2022.

April Fool's Day - these are the best April Fool's jokes from Seibert Media - canteen bowl with Seabird by Seibert Media printed on it

The best student job ever - we're looking for professional extras

In 2022, not only did our canteen open, but also our new headquarters in Wiesbaden. For us, this meant new premises, opportunities, and ambitions! In a burst of enthusiasm, we published an unprecedented job advertisement - for a "Corporate Culture Representative." The position was advertised to student interns, whom we wanted to use as extras in our new headquarters to fill it with life.

Sounds too good to be true? That's right; it was, unfortunately! But don't worry, we didn't let anyone down: Anyone who wanted to apply for the job and clicked the associated button was redirected to a page that explained it was a joke.

Time to shake a leg! Our weekly motivation ritual

We usually welcome our newcomers on their first day of work in a big "Cake & Meet" meeting to ensure everyone gets off to a good start in the Seibert Media galaxy. This was the same on April 1, 2022 - so nothing unusual as far as that goes.

So when our colleague Kerstin (on-site and remotely) - came up to teach our newbies our "weekly motivation ritual," which consisted of a distinctive choreography to a children's song, no one second-guessed it.

After a short introduction, the music started to play, and our colleagues got into a starting position - the squat - for "Bang, boom, bang, we're launching into space now!" After a few consistent dance moves, it became apparent that it was a joke. One that we left our newbies was a reassuring gasp.

Love, Love, Love - Linchpin Love

"Singles, beware! Spring is just around the corner, and not only are daffodils blooming, but spring fever is making a comeback. And so is Linchpin with the new Linchpin Love app! Linchpin Love is an in-house dating platform where you can meet colleagues from your company on a whole new level."

With these words, Seibert Media's new dating app was introduced via our social intranet on April 1, 2023.

April Fool's Day - these are the best April Fool's jokes from Seibert Media - linchpin love

The app should extend the functionalities of our (real) social intranet Linchpin, for example, with a detailed match detector and a dedicated chat. Also attached to the announcement was a product video that is quite something to behold!

The links that were supposed to lead to the app store turned out to be - how could it be otherwise - a rickroll.

("Rickrolling or a Rickroll is an internet meme involving the unexpected appearance of the music video for the 1987 song "Never Gonna Give You Up", performed by English singer Rick Astley. " Source: Wikipedia)

Love is in the air - draw.io dating

But not only Linchpin but also one of our other products, draw.io, was all about love for an April Fool's joke. The diagramming tool was supposed to get an update, where an algorithm based on the drawing style could determine the compatibilities between users. Of course, there was a rickroll there too.

April Fool's Day - these are the best April Fool's jokes from Seibert Media - draw.io banner for april fools joke

What else may the future bring?

Certainly a lot of April Fool's jokes - maybe we will present you a small "best of collection" from the Seibert Media universe again next year! And also on the other 364 days of the year, you will find content worth reading here on our blog or on our LinkedIn profile.

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