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Build Your Internal Processes in Jira Cloud with Easy Issue Templates

Think of how well projects or tasks have gone with either very little prep or even worse, by “winging it”. It may start out fine, you might feel like you’re flying right through it then all of a sudden, something breaks or fails, and then something else, then another and well, you get the idea. With Easy Issue and Subtask Templates for Jira, that’s a thing of the past!

3 Steps To Building More Beautiful and Engaging Pages in Confluence Cloud

More Beautiful and Engaging Pages in Confluence Cloud - thumbnail

You’ve probably seen them: those internet pages that immediately suck you in with their beautiful design and content. But Confluence only has a pretty standard editor that doesn’t let you add a lot of interesting visual elements. Well, if you get the Aura macros, you can make your pages beautiful in just a few steps with just a few of its macros. Read this article to find out how.

Build A Space for Your Meeting Notes in Confluence Cloud

Build A Space for Your Meeting Notes in Confluence Cloud - thumbnail

Consistency in the format of our meeting notes and how they are organized is more important than ever. Because we can no longer literally look over our colleague’s shoulder for a quick double check and with many of us now working remotely with teammates in different offices, cities, or countries, properly documenting the content of our meetings has made herding cats look simple. Luckily, you can make sure they’re consistent with the help of Confluence Cloud and our Properties macros.

Don’t Fear Change! How to Scale Agile with the Right Tools

Don’t Fear Change! How to Scale Agile with the Right Tools - thumbnail

Change can be a scary thing, like when your company grows and grows and grows… until it’s very different from that startup that you created a couple of years ago. Or maybe your company is already very big, but you need to keep up with those rapidly changing startups. But this kind of change is nothing to be scared about; it can just be a bit hard to scale up the agile workflow that you were used to. Enter SAFe, Agile Hive and Jira Align, a framework and two tools that will make life much easier for you!

Together once again – join us at the Global SAFe® Summit 2022!

Global SAFe Summit at Denver, Colorado

After vacation is before the SAFe® Summit: Join the Agile Hive team at this year’s Global SAFe® Summit in Denver, Colorado, from August 22-25! Regardless of your level of experience, this is an incredible opportunity to learn firsthand from the premiere SAFe® experts. There will be a plethora of resources, training, and partners to help you start the process and pull it all together. So what will we have in store for you? Find out more in this article or just visit us at our booth: We’re looking forward to seeing you in Denver!