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SAFe Implementation Roadmap Part 3: Identify Value Streams and Agile Release Trains

SAFe Implementation Roadmap

In part 3 of our SAFe Implementation Roadmap series, we’re talking all about identifying Value Streams and ARTs. Value streams are the primary constructs for understanding, organizing, and delivering value in SAFe. ARTs contain all the people and items necessary to enhance the flow of value. Understanding how they both work at this stage of the process is essential to any SAFe implementation.

SAFe Implementation Roadmap Part 2: Train Lean-Agile Change Agents

SAFe Implementation Roadmap Part 1

In this next installment SAFe Implementation Roadmap series, we’re going to be talking about training Lean-Agile personnel. Ultimately, organizations can’t make the move to SAFe without professional assistance. That means finding trained personnel who understand the basic principles of the lean-agile principle is of primary importance. To do this, an organization either has to choose to train personnel from within or hire consultants to help with the transition. The important part is that there are trained people in the organization before the change starts to take place.

Google Cloud: The role of technology in environmental sustainability and why it matters

Google Cloud Environmental Sustainability

Technology is and will remain relevant regardless of industry. But does technology go hand in hand with environmental sustainability? Yes, and it should. Google has made strides towards environmental sustainability over the last five years. Many companies in different industries have made the switch to Google Cloud in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

SAFe Implementation Roadmap Part 1: Getting started and reaching the tipping point

SAFe Implementation Roadmap Part 1

The journey of SAFe implementation for your business can seem daunting. Knowing where to start and then actually using the tools may seem like a process fraught with complexity. But it doesn’t have to be because we’ve got you covered! Today we’re starting our SAFe Implementation Roadmap series in which we will take a look at each of the 12 steps in the SAFe Implementation Roadmap.