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Ignition Sequence Start, Liftoff with Checklists for Confluence and Jira, the Ultimate Checklist App

Ignition sequence start, liftoff with Checklists for Confluence and Jira, the ultimate checklist app - thumbnail

During the Apollo 11 mission in July 1969, an error message occured. And when things go wrong in such a high-stakes mission, they can go horribly wrong. Astronauts wouldn’t be able to come back to Earth. But thanks to the fact that the ground crew had checklists to work through when the error flashed up, they knew exactly what to do. And that’s why checklists are so important. They make sure you don’t forget anything when the stakes are high.

Creative Thinking, How to Free up Your Brain’s Idea Generator with Checklists for Atlassian Confluence and Jira

Creative Thinking, How to Free up Your Brain's Idea Generator with Checklists for Atlassian Co`nfluence and Jira - thumbnail

It’s important to not fill your head with too many ideas and things to worry about, because as a Chinese legend teaches us, you can only generate fresh ideas when the “cup” of your brain is not filled to the brim already. Checklists for Confluence and Jira can help in this regard; they make sure you (and your colleagues) don’t need to memorize procedures, but can just check off items on a checklist that can be used again and again.

What Types of Checklists Teams Use and What They Expect from Checklist Tools (Spoiler: Atlassian Confluence and Jira Integration)

What Types of Checklists Teams Use and What They Expect from Checklist Tools (Spoiler: Atlassian Integration) - thumbnail

In every company, countless activities take place day in and day out that have already been processed many times in this or a similar form. And yet, in the same companies, many things go wrong. That’s why teams work with checklists. They explain how routine processes work. They map standardized processes that have been thought through beforehand so that they can subsequently be processed as efficiently and seamlessly as possible. But not all checklists are the same. And not all checklist tools are equal.

An Unexpected Journey – Of Good Teamwork, Failed Rescue Attempts and Devilish Schemes ( Adventures in Diagramming, Part 6) adventures in diagramming part 6 - thumbnail

Welcome to the 6th part of our adventure – and the last one you can read in this form! Because the final part will be played out later this week in Las Vegas, at Team 23. But first, our heroes must rescue their Agile Coach Marcus from the clutches of evil monsters, only to find themselves, reunited, in the lair of the evil mastermind. Only then does the diabolical plan behind it all become apparent – and it’s worse than Caroline, Marcus, Pauline and Angie could have dreamed…

An Unexpected Journey – About Conflicts, Resistance and Retrospectives ( Adventures in Diagramming, Part 5)

An Unexpected Journey – About Conflicts, Resistance and Retrospectives ( Adventures in Diagramming, Part 5) - thumbnail

oin our four heroes on their journey as they try to protect the distant kingdom of Connectalot from an unknown evil! In the 5th part of our adventure, team “Fiends & Foes” is on their way to “Wiesgooden”, the birthplace of the legendary “Eierlegenden Wollmilchsau”. There they hope to finally get more information about the whole situation. But even before they arrive in the city, a fateful encounter takes place that holds completely new perspectives in store, especially for Agile Coach Marcus…

An Unexpected Journey – Knowledge Exchange with Atlas ( Adventures in Diagramming, Part 4) adventures in diagramming part 4 - thumbnail

Four employees from a game development company must save a kingdom from an unknown threat that threatens to destroy everyone and everything. But how? The team has agreed to help King Gaudenz. Now they have to search for a mythical creature called Atlas, who lives in the “Cloud” fortress and may have information that can help our heroes. Will they find the crucial clues?

An Unexpected Journey – and the Power of Collaboration ( Adventures in Diagramming, Part 3) adventures in diagramming part 3 - thumbnail

Welcome to the 3rd part of our adventure! An agile team of four disparate colleagues finds themselves in another world where their collaborative skills are called upon to save a kingdom threatened by an unseen evil. But first, they must fight a blazing fire and save the town’s innocent people. To accomplish this, the team must unleash previously unimagined powers …

An Unexpected Journey – the Adventure Continues! ( Adventures in Diagramming, Part 2)

An unexpected journey - the adventure continues! (Adventures in Diagramming, Part 2) - thumbnail

If you’re a fan of role-playing games, today’s your day: because today the 2nd part of our adventure around four mismatched heroines and heroes who have been catapulted from a meeting in their game development company into a magical world where a king is asking for their help, is on! What will the team decide to do – and what’s the big deal anyway? Plus, expect our Diagram Inspiration of the Week and tips on how visualization can solve other problems using….

An Unexpected Journey – The Adventure Begins! ( Adventures in Diagramming, Part 1)

An unexpected journey - the adventure begins! (Adventures in Diagramming, Part 1) - thumbnail

RPG fans and those who want to become one, watch out: Here we go! The unexpected journey of four disparate heroines and heroes starts in the offices of a company somewhere in the USA… Dive into the world of role-playing games, follow a team of four normal people (at least in the beginning) and get suggestions and tips from the team about diagrams, whiteboards and the best “Lord of the Rings” meme ever!