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How to Plan your Marketing Campaigns in Confluence Cloud

How to Plan your Marketing Campaigns in Confluence Cloud

Marketing takes a lot of effort. It also takes involvement from many different teams. On top of the effort and collaboration requirements, it is an extremely sensitive piece of work. If your marketing message is interpreted the wrong way, you could have a catastrophe, which won’t look good. Luckily, Confluence and our Properties macros help you stay on top of things quite easily.

Webinar: Marketing Teams in Confluence Cloud – How to Fine-tune Your Marketing Team!

Marketing teams in confluence cloud tips and tricks actonic seibert media webinar

What makes good marketing? As the late Steve Jobs once said: “Master the topic, the message and the delivery.” Not everyone has taken this to heart however, and many marketing teams still face unexpected challenges in getting their audiences excited about their products, services and brands, and in delivering their messages to the right audiences. This is not just because teams are currently not sitting together in the same office space, but also because they don’t have access to the right tools. On February 24, the webinar “Marketing Teams in Confluence Cloud: Our Tips and Tricks” will address precisely this problem – and show ways out of this misery.

How to Visually Track OKRs, Project Progress, and Status in Confluence Cloud

confluence cloud track okrs project progress and status

Everyone likes to see progress. This is why people weigh themselves in the morning when they are dieting or why they keep track of their exercise statistics. The same sort of drive to show progress in our personal lives carries over to projects and OKRs at work. The great thing is, you can use Aura to keep track of OKRs, project progress, and status!

Linchpin Theme Plugin Released as Enterprise Version

Linchpin Intranet

After the free version of the Linchpin Theme Plugin came out on the Atlassian Marketplace a few weeks ago, our development team also released an enterprise edition. The Linchpin Theme Plugin allows you to customize Confluence without having to do any programming. You can tailor it specifically to your organization’s design, create a header and logo, custom footer and navigation menu, personalized buttons and other elements. What used to be a project in and of itself can now be done with considerably less effort. You can even switch between different themes as needed.

All of the standard plugin features are also included in the Enterprise add-on—and then then some.

Invitation: Write as a Guest Expert for //SEIBERT/MEDIA

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