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Atlassian Compass: A Command Center for Better Software Development

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There are dozens, if not hundreds, of applications in every organization, and information is more distributed and harder to find than ever. That’s why Atlassian is developing a new software solution called Atlas, the first teamwork directory that aims to connect all the dots across teams, applications and work. Atlas equips teams with a common vocabulary for open communication and a shared understanding of work contexts.

Is SAFe® Something I Should Consider for my Organization?

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More and more organizations are adopting SAFe as a means to improve product offerings and decrease time-to-market. Despite its many advantages, implementing SAFe at the enterprise level is an important and complex process that requires an expert consultant’s guidance to ensure a successful transition. A good understanding of SAFe benefits, challenges, and real-world applications will help you decide whether or not it provides an advantage to your organization.

Want to Increase Your Productivity and Wellbeing at Work? – Rethink Your Time and Your Calendar, says Google

It can be difficult to really get down to business when you’re trying to get stuff done. Notifications pop up everywhere, colleagues distract you with meetings and you jump from one too to the other. The people at Google know this as well, and give you some tips on how to be more productive by using your calendar more effectively.

5 (and More) Good Reasons for the Cloud Part 4: How Much More Productive Can We Become?

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Today we come to the 4th good reason, which is sure to make you really sit up and take notice, because it’s about productivity. Productivity is not always easy to measure, especially when it comes to creative or “intellectual” activities. But that’s not even necessary, because moving to the cloud can improve the productivity of your entire business in more ways than one.