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Women in Tech Night 2023 – Samia Rabah – My Transition from Software Developer to Cloud Engineer

Women in Tech Night 2023 – Samia Rabah - My Transition from Software Developer to Cloud Engineer - thumbnail

Samiah Rabah has had an interesting journey in the tech field, and transitioned from Software Developer to Cloud Engineer. Before that, she was a Data Science intern, Backend Software and Full Stack Developer. During our Women in Tech Night in March of 2023, she described her experience transitioning from developer to DevOps while consistently wondering “there has to be a better way to do this!”.

Agile is a State of Mind – Call for Sessions for the Tools4AgileTeams 2023

Agile is a State of Mind - Call for Sessions for the Tools4AgileTeams 2023 - thumbnail

“Agile is a state of mind” will be the motto again from 30 November to 1 December: Tools4AgileTeams 2023 is on the horizon! Of course we want to offer the Agile community a conference with everything the Agile heart desires: keynotes, workshops, games, discussions, hands-on sessions, networking and much more. And now it’s your turn: the call for sessions is open! This means that you can now submit your ideas for a presentation or whatever format you want, as long as it is about teamwork, leadership, product management, service management, at scale or modern work in an agile environment. And of course, we’ll also tell you where to get the much sought-after tickets for T4AT.

Women in Tech Night 2023 – Boehringer Ingelheim – Tips & Tricks

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At Boehringer Ingelheim, a cutting-edge research-based pharmaceutical company who are “in the business of saving human and animal lives”, recruit based on their 3G (Geography, Gender, Generation) policy. This means they recruit some top female talent. During our Women in Tech Night (2023), some of these talents gave some great tips for women in the tech field.

How Modern Cloud Software Makes Hybrid Work Models Possible

How modern Cloud software makes hybrid work models possible - cloud thumbnail

It would be premature and unwise to predict the imminent death of the physical office. Most people want to meet and interact with other people face to face, and physical constellations are where most innovations are born. However, Cloud technologies have made the entire globe a potential place to work. Companies that embrace this fact and embrace it as an opportunity are more attractive to top talent, who in turn enjoy the luxury of being highly selective in their job choices. Modern Cloud software supports Hybrid Work on three levels.

Linchpin Intranet Suite 5.6 – April Intranet Highlights

Linchpin Intranet Suite Update in April - thumbnail

It’s been almost exactly half a year since the last update of the Linchpin Intranet Suite – version 5.4 – and we’ve followed suit: Linchpin Intranet Suite 5.6 is waiting in the wings (along with Linchpin Essentials 2.6)! In this blog article, we’ll give you an overview of the highlights: The free footer configuration, enhancements in terms of event planning, fixed sizes for teaser macros, and implementation of gender-neutral practices.

The MoSCoW Method: Intuitively Understandable Prioritizations – Also Visible in Jira

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No team can do without meaningful prioritization of its upcoming tasks and work, even if it only acts reasonably efficiently and doesn’t want to rush past the needs of customers when developing a release or project. The MoSCoW method addresses the actual importance and relevance of a feature or story to a release or project, regardless of the amount of work required.

Women Empowerment in a Nutshell: Women in Tech Night ’23!

“I’m unstoppable!” The song by Sia is a true anthem for more self-confidence, as it encompasses the value of our Women in Tech Night ’23! Our event hopes to achieve this and provide a stage for women in the IT industry. In this article, we revisit the best moments of the evening and tell you what’s next for Women in Tech Night in 2024.

The WSJF Method for Prioritizing Work – and Integrating It in Jira with Awesome Custom Fields

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As a rule, tasks and work need to be prioritized before they are scheduled for processing. Some less experienced teams might intuitively think that prioritizing a backlog is not a big deal: a simple discrete order seems to be a good approach. But as soon as things get a bit more complex, it fails. For larger scenarios, the WSJF method offers a proven alternative. Here is an introduction along with a way to map the WSJF in Jira.