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Linchpin at BSH Receives Inkometa Award for Best Intranet!

BSH Home Appliances won this year’s Inkometa Award in the Social Intranet / Collaboration category! Why this is of particular interest to us? Well, because their intranet was created using our Linchpin Intranet Suite! Together with our partner XALT, we replaced their aged, top-down intranet with Linchpin. Read all about the why and how (and who) here.

Build A Space for Your Meeting Notes in Confluence Cloud

Build A Space for Your Meeting Notes in Confluence Cloud - thumbnail

Consistency in the format of our meeting notes and how they are organized is more important than ever. Because we can no longer literally look over our colleague’s shoulder for a quick double check and with many of us now working remotely with teammates in different offices, cities, or countries, properly documenting the content of our meetings has made herding cats look simple. Luckily, you can make sure they’re consistent with the help of Confluence Cloud and our Properties macros.

State of the Union for Confluence Cloud in 2023

State of the Union for Confluence Cloud in 2023 - thumbnail

Alen Kipp asked our CEO Martin why companies should choose Confluence software for business in 2022. In this article, Martin will do his best to give his personal (maybe just slightly biased) answer and summarize the state of Atlassian Confluence and compare the tool to alternatives on the market

Get on Stage: Submit Your Session for the 11th Tools4AgileTeams Conference Now!

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It’s summer! And that means (well, for us at least): preparing for THE Agile event of the year, the Tools4AgileTeams (or T4AT)! This year, on 1 and 2 December, the event will be organized in a hybrid form: you can stop by in our new HQ in Wiesbaden or join us remotely to talk about agility in teams and organizations, New Work and New Normal and everything inbetween. And you can contribute as a speaker! Learn how by reading this article.

Together once again – join us at the Global SAFe® Summit 2022!

Global SAFe Summit at Denver, Colorado

After vacation is before the SAFe® Summit: Join the Agile Hive team at this year’s Global SAFe® Summit in Denver, Colorado, from August 22-25! Regardless of your level of experience, this is an incredible opportunity to learn firsthand from the premiere SAFe® experts. There will be a plethora of resources, training, and partners to help you start the process and pull it all together. So what will we have in store for you? Find out more in this article or just visit us at our booth: We’re looking forward to seeing you in Denver!

The Risk of Not Socializing Enough at Work – And How a Social Intranet Can Help

The Risk of Not Socializing Enough at Work - thumbnail

Humans are social creatures and for the past couple of years, socializing has been quite difficult because colleagues don’t spontaneously see each other anymore in the hallways at the office, since many of them are now working from home. This means there’s a real risk of them feeling increasingly lonely, which can have all sorts of negative effects. Read on to find out how you can help combat this as a company using a social intranet.

Lonely Workers (Make Sure You Don’t Have Any)

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In recent times, communication with colleagues has become less and less personal; we communicate more and more through our computer or mobile phone screens, and the increase in remote work has only increased this development. So how can you prevent our employees from feeling increasingly lonely? By using Linchpin, our social intranet!