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We 🧡 #6 – and Unique Diagrams from Our Customers!

We love #6 - and unique diagrams from our customers! - thumbnail

In our “I 🧡” series, we highlight the many possible uses and types of diagrams you can make with This time, we also present use cases that are rather unusual for us: For example, we show you what connects a car refurbishment company, a hair salon and students of mathematics, and why we have sometimes been able to help without even knowing it.

Hybrid Work with Google Workspace – Part 5: Scenarios for Successful Meetings

Hybrid work with Google Workspace - Part 5: Scenarios for Successful Meetings - thumbnail

Not all hybrid meetings are the same, because every situation and every goal has an impact on the design of such a meeting. This may cause uncertainty at the beginning, but it also opens up many possibilities. To make sure hybrid meetings don’t unsettle you (anymore), we’ve prepared some templates to give you insights into the diverse world of hybrid work (and starting points to help you along).

Hybrid work with Google Workspace – Part 4: How to Succeed in Hybrid Meetings with Google Meet and Companion Mode

Hybrid work with Google Workspace - Part 4: How to succeed in hybrid meetings with Google Meet and Companion Mode - thumbnail

Have you ever attended a hybrid meeting remotely and wondered, “Do people in the office even notice me?” It’s not a great feeling when you’re sitting in your home office, barely able to join the conversation and ultimately feeling left out. But with Google Meet and Companion Mode, remote colleagues no longer have to worry about being literally “left out” of hybrid meetings. We’ll show you what interactive features Companion Mode has in store for you.

Hybrid Work with Google Workspace – Part 2: How Collaboration Tools Boost Your Productivity – and That of Your Team!

Google Whitepaper Hybrid Work, Part 2: Productivity - thumbnail

Hybrid working and productivity – do they even go together? If you’re equipped with the tools from Google Workspace – then of course! In this blog article, we’ll explain how collaboration tools in hybrid work environments can help you and your team become more productive and work together more effectively.

The 11th Tools4AgileTeams – Review of THE Agile Event of the Year!

The 11th Tools4AgileTeams - THUMBNAIL

That was it – unfortunately! Once again, the Tools4AgileTeams conference, the first in the hybrid format, was over far too quickly: Over 200 people met at our headquarters in Wiesbaden and over 1900 online to discuss, share, learn about the whole spectrum of agile working… We collected some feedback and also tell you where you can watch the first sessions of this year’s T4AT. Click here and have a look back at two fantastic days!

Linchpin Intranet Suite: We Are More Than Just Colleagues

Linchpin Suite: We are more than just co-workers

When you think of the traditional tools many of us use to get our work done – email, intranets and shared networks, video conferencing, etc. – my guess is these do not then simultaneously make you think of friendships with colleagues, sharing both the personal and professional gems of your lives. They most likely make you think, “these are the tools I use to get my work done”. There is a way out: The Linchpin Intranet Suite combines traditional work tools and social media tools.

Soon In Your Linchpin Intranet: Timeslots for Events

A dark greyish picture featuring the text "Event Time Slots - Coming Soon To Your Linchpin Intranet Suite" and a screenshot showing an event card and the option to book individual 15-minutes long slots.

An intranet without event management? Unthinkable. Especially in a Confluence-based intranet. To help you organize (and participate in) events in your Linchpin intranet even better, we’re introducing a new feature in October: Timeslots for events! By the way, this feature was requested by some Linchpin users via Canny. This leads us to the question: Canny build it?! Yes, yes we can.