Confluence 5.7: now full support of data, in-line comments, roadmaps macro, and more

Atlassian has released Confluence version 5.7, which includes a variety of new features. The team collaboration system now fully supports files in any format and offers in-line comments for pages and even attachments. It also comes with the Roadmap macro, which simplifies the HipChat integration. Advanced users now benefit from the Confluence Query Language in the content search.

InstaPrinta 2.0: Now with full Integration in JIRA Agile

In a previous article, we have introduced the InstaPrinta by //SEIBERT/MEDIA and the functions of the JIRA plugin. Our JIRADev team has now released InstaPrinta 2.0 and we would like to dive a bit deeper into the actual features. InstaPrinta is a JIRA plugin for printing issues directly from JIRA and JIRA Agile on handy card format (i.e. DIN A6). Individual and various issues can be sent to the printer and saved as a PDF. In JIRA, issue view and issue search are extended by a menu item, that offers a choice to print or create a PDF.

Atlassian Licenses: Why To Consider an Upgrade Instead Of a Renewal?

Atlassian software behind the firewall comes with perpetual licenses, which can be used as long as you want. However, most customers continuously renew their maintenance contract. They thus benefit from frequent Atlassian updates. Next time you are considering a renewal, you may want to evaluate choosing an update instead. In this video, Martin Seibert will tell you the advantages of an upgrade.

HipChat Server 1.0 released – Real Time Communication for Teams. Securely behind the Firewall

As announced during the 2013 Atlassian Summit, HipChat Server 1.0 was just released. Atlasssian’s professional team chat and instant messaging solution HipChat can now be run securely behind the Firewall. Great news for businesses in search of a straight forward, quick and slim platform for team communication and for whom a Cloud Service is not an option. Plans for HipChat Server start at $10 for up to 10 users per year. Proceeds from sales of the $10 starter version will be donated to charity. Read about all the features in this post…

Easy Events Plugin – Create Event Pages in Confluence

Integrate Events in Confluence more smoothly with the Easy Events Plugin. Sven Heß, who was involved in developing the plugin, and Martin Seibert take a look at the features of the plugin. By a simple click, a user can join the event and invite other participants. No need to create and update complicated tables. The plugin is available on the Atlassian Marketplace for only US$ 10 for unlimited users.

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