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Agile is a State of Mind – Call for Sessions for the Tools4AgileTeams 2023

Agile is a State of Mind - Call for Sessions for the Tools4AgileTeams 2023 - thumbnail

“Agile is a state of mind” will be the motto again from 30 November to 1 December: Tools4AgileTeams 2023 is on the horizon! Of course we want to offer the Agile community a conference with everything the Agile heart desires: keynotes, workshops, games, discussions, hands-on sessions, networking and much more. And now it’s your turn: the call for sessions is open! This means that you can now submit your ideas for a presentation or whatever format you want, as long as it is about teamwork, leadership, product management, service management, at scale or modern work in an agile environment. And of course, we’ll also tell you where to get the much sought-after tickets for T4AT.

Navigating through crisis and disruption with leadership agility

Agility Leadership

The Corona crisis and the upheaval it caused in the economy are an extreme example of market disruption. An exceptional case of the much-cited VUCA scenario, adaptability is now more important than ever. Here we look at how the Leadership Agility model can help leaders create a solid foundation for true adaptability in their organizations.

Working from home: How management can help teams stay on track

Insights into Remote Onboarding Experience

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus crisis, teams were suddenly forced to start working from home.  This resulted in all their usual team structures to be turned upside down. Lots of teams experienced how their teamwork and personal work organization changed entirely within just a few short days.