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The frustrated son – a story of data loss and backup concepts for Atlassian products

Data loss is something that can be caused by a number of factors – from a bug to simple human error. As such it is important to have appropriate backup concepts in place. In order to deal with data loss quickly and efficiently, //SEIBERT/MEDIA offers enterprises effective backup concepts as part of its operation packages, which can be tailored to their specific requirements. These can include two-stage backups whereby your data is backed up securely and reliably.

Collaborative Dysfunction: Presentation by Wendell Keuneman (Head of Confluence) at //SEIBERT/MEDIA

Wendell Kueneman - Collaborative Dysfunction presentation

During //SEIBERT/MEDIA’s last Atlassian Enterprise Club meeting with customers in Wiesbaden, we welcomed an important visitor from Sydney, Australia: Wendell Keuneman, Head of Confluence at Atlassian. Not only did Wendell answer questions from deep discussions with our customers, he also provided useful insights into best practices for workplace co-operation and collaboration with Atlassian software.