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Don’t Fear Change! How to Scale Agile with the Right Tools

Don’t Fear Change! How to Scale Agile with the Right Tools - thumbnail

Change can be a scary thing, like when your company grows and grows and grows… until it’s very different from that startup that you created a couple of years ago. Or maybe your company is already very big, but you need to keep up with those rapidly changing startups. But this kind of change is nothing to be scared about; it can just be a bit hard to scale up the agile workflow that you were used to. Enter SAFe, Agile Hive and Jira Align, a framework and two tools that will make life much easier for you!

Working from home: How management can help teams stay on track

Insights into Remote Onboarding Experience

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus crisis, teams were suddenly forced to start working from home.  This resulted in all their usual team structures to be turned upside down. Lots of teams experienced how their teamwork and personal work organization changed entirely within just a few short days.

Convinced about self-organized teams

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When we started building websites professionally in 1996, we were still operating on intuition. Meticulous project planning was foreign to us. The business developed, we grew and quickly reached a point where we began looking for professional processes for developing our projects. We tried several (Gantt-Charts with MS Project and project checklists we developed ourselves), but none had the result we hoped for. For a while, project managers could decide how they wanted to develop their projects.