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How to Easily Create Checklists in Confluence

Checklists for Confluence - thumbnail

There’s nothing more satisfying than checking things off a to-do list. While it’s true that Confluence has its own built-in to-do list in the form of Action Items, this is very bare-bones. With Checklists for Confluence, you can create and share much more elaborate checklists. You can even load and use them on your phone with a QR code!

Properties for Confluence – a Lifesaver in Asset Management and Business Organisation

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When you talk about running a business, people usually think about talking with exciting clients or creating new ideas and products, but often the more tedious part of running a business is forgotten: asset management. To make this tedious task (much) easier, Properties allows you to keep an automatically-updated overview of all your assets, so you have more time for those clients or coming up with the next must-have product!