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More Trends for the Sustainability of Your Digital Workplace

An intranet is a company’s image. With things evolving rapidly both socially and economically, it’s important to recognize the trends that occur within companies as well.

Not every societal trend will find its way into the economy and companies in the near future, but with the way things are looking now, those in charge should monitor trends and at least consider them for their own intranets.

The Happy Intranet (Part I)


When, in the middle of a meeting, Martin managed to convince me to start writing blog posts, we were talking about intranets that can live independently, so to speak, because they are ‘fresh, healthy, robust, adaptable and vital’. Nearly everyone understands this metaphor in the work environment. This message is even understood during sales pitches. But its real potential, its incredible resilience, is much harder to understand and to explain.

From Intranet 1.0 to the Modern Intranet


The intranet started its triumphant progress about 20 years ago. However, it’s only recently that corporations started to focus on their intranets’ true stakeholders: the employees. Not long after the emergence of intranets in organizations, those responsible for them started to ask what a modern intranet actually is. After all, no one wants to set up an outdated system that employees don’t want to use. Today, in the times of digital transformation and Generation Y, intranets are at least as important as 10 or 15 years ago. But what is a modern intranet nowadays? Is a ‘social intranet’ with user profiles, status updates, communities and chats sufficient?

Coding with refugees

Today I met a refugee in person for the first time during our Saturday coding sessions for kids in our office. His name is Omid. This guy is 16, from Afghanistan, sympathetic, eager to learn and full of joy and excitement. Actually Omid seems to know exactly what is at stake for him. He deliberately tried to sit through a JavaScript coding workshop without German language skills that would allow him to even understand what was said.

Confluence 5.7: now full support of data, in-line comments, roadmaps macro, and more

Atlassian has released Confluence version 5.7, which includes a variety of new features. The team collaboration system now fully supports files in any format and offers in-line comments for pages and even attachments. It also comes with the Roadmap macro, which simplifies the HipChat integration. Advanced users now benefit from the Confluence Query Language in the content search.

The advantages of pair programming

In agile software projects, it goes without saying that the developers work together. Scrum is, after all, based on teamwork. In most cases, however, each programmer works alone in front of their screen. The concept of pair programming is different because it pairs up two programmers who then together work on the same task, taking turns who sits at the keyboard. Customers unfamiliar with the pair programming idea might think this is some sort of job creation program: Why should we pay for two developers to work on a task that one programmer could do alone? This would only make sense if it cut development time in half, but that is most certainly not the case. No, this is indeed not the case. But how does pair programming benefit customers then?