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36 use cases for an enterprise microblog (1-12)

An internal microblog can become a useful channel of communication within an enterprise. Similar to having lunch or coffee together, or chatting in the hallway, employees exchange information, news, ideas or project details in a microblog. Sometimes the posts are time sensitive and important, sometimes they are just about exchanging ideas with colleagues and getting their input. Enterprises can benefit from that. What are specific use cases, and how can the internal tweeting gain strength? We have collected 36 use cases. Here are the first dozen.

111 Reasons why you need an Enterprise Wiki

At //SEIBERT/MEDIA, we’ve been working on a wiki for years. Through our day-to-day work as well as through dozens of enterprise wiki projects, we have experienced – thanks to innumerable different cases – how useful and valuable a wiki can be on a number of levels. Therefore, we believe it is high time to compress the arguments for a wiki into the limited space offered by tweets to make our points as efficiently as possible.