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4 Barriers that Hinder Team Productivity – and How to Overcome Them

4 barriers that hinder team productivity - and how to overcome them - thumbnail

Achieving company-wide harmonisation and synchronisation of alignment so that all teams are working towards the same goals and pulling in the same direction is not a trivial task. In fact, it is more difficult today than ever before. The number of applications, the volume of information and the complexity we encounter every day are constantly increasing and creating barriers to team productivity.

Ignition Sequence Start, Liftoff with Checklists for Confluence and Jira, the Ultimate Checklist App

Ignition sequence start, liftoff with Checklists for Confluence and Jira, the ultimate checklist app - thumbnail

During the Apollo 11 mission in July 1969, an error message occured. And when things go wrong in such a high-stakes mission, they can go horribly wrong. Astronauts wouldn’t be able to come back to Earth. But thanks to the fact that the ground crew had checklists to work through when the error flashed up, they knew exactly what to do. And that’s why checklists are so important. They make sure you don’t forget anything when the stakes are high.

Creative Thinking, How to Free up Your Brain’s Idea Generator with Checklists for Atlassian Confluence and Jira

Creative Thinking, How to Free up Your Brain's Idea Generator with Checklists for Atlassian Co`nfluence and Jira - thumbnail

It’s important to not fill your head with too many ideas and things to worry about, because as a Chinese legend teaches us, you can only generate fresh ideas when the “cup” of your brain is not filled to the brim already. Checklists for Confluence and Jira can help in this regard; they make sure you (and your colleagues) don’t need to memorize procedures, but can just check off items on a checklist that can be used again and again.

What Types of Checklists Teams Use and What They Expect from Checklist Tools (Spoiler: Atlassian Confluence and Jira Integration)

What Types of Checklists Teams Use and What They Expect from Checklist Tools (Spoiler: Atlassian Integration) - thumbnail

In every company, countless activities take place day in and day out that have already been processed many times in this or a similar form. And yet, in the same companies, many things go wrong. That’s why teams work with checklists. They explain how routine processes work. They map standardized processes that have been thought through beforehand so that they can subsequently be processed as efficiently and seamlessly as possible. But not all checklists are the same. And not all checklist tools are equal.

Autopage Goes Cloud – the Easiest Solution for Your Documentation Problems

Autopage Goes Cloud - the Easiest Solution for Your Documentation Problems - thumbnail

Do you also like to write documentation after a user story, a bug or in the course of a new development? No? Then you’re not the only one, because for very few people this is one of their favorite activities. For you and for all the documentation haters in the Atlassian ecosystem, we have good news: the AutoPage app is now available in a cloud version! With AutoPage, you can create Confluence pages with all the info that documentation pages need directly from Jira issues. Learn more about this useful app!

How to Easily Create Checklists in Confluence

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There’s nothing more satisfying than checking things off a to-do list. While it’s true that Confluence has its own built-in to-do list in the form of Action Items, this is very bare-bones. With Checklists for Confluence, you can create and share much more elaborate checklists. You can even load and use them on your phone with a QR code!

Properties for Confluence – a Lifesaver in Asset Management and Business Organisation

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When you talk about running a business, people usually think about talking with exciting clients or creating new ideas and products, but often the more tedious part of running a business is forgotten: asset management. To make this tedious task (much) easier, Properties allows you to keep an automatically-updated overview of all your assets, so you have more time for those clients or coming up with the next must-have product!