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Enterprise Insights in Jira Align: How Meaningful Information is Gathered from Data

Enterprise Insights in Jira Align: How Meaningful Information is Gathered from Data - thumbnail

The problem many organizations face is a lack of information. Although the company has the capacity it needs, it does not know what it is being used for and whether that use is moving the organization forward. In reality, waste exists in the form of bottlenecks and duplicated work. There are complicated processes that get in the way of delivering customer value. And because the organization doesn’t have the right data and analytics, the real problems remain hidden. The Enterprise Insights feature set in Jira Align helps solve these challenges.

Atlassian Analytics: A New Foundation for Data-driven Decisions

Atlassian Analytics: A new foundation for data-driven decisions - thumbnail

For countless software, IT and business teams in tens of thousands of companies, Atlassian products are virtually essential for survival. But they’re not the only tools these teams use, of course. All of these systems produce vast amounts of data – and organisations need ways to turn that data into the right insights to drive good decisions. To support data-driven decision-making, Atlassian last year introduced a feature set called Atlassian Analytics, which has now outgrown the beta stage and is available in the cloud enterprise plans for Jira Software, Jira Service Management and Confluence.

Jira to BigQuery Data Integration: Build vs Buy

Many businesses choose cloud data warehouse services, like Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, etc. to analyze their data, as they offer high scalability and on-demand computing power and are supported by a large number of various data analysis tools. Let’s consider a more specific case when there is a need to analyze company data from a Jira system, and Google BigQuery is selected as a data warehouse for analysis. There can be different ways to solve this scenario – build vs. buy.