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TDD of G Suite Add Ons using TypeScript

TDD of G Suite Add Ons using TypeScript

TDD of G Suite Add Ons using TypeScript: It is in our best interest to make the functionality available quickly and easily to the average consumer.  Google G Suite provides add-ons, especially for this purpose.  Users can just go ahead and install them, and the add-ons can decide where within G Suite they want to add extra buttons, which then perform the desired function.

Codeyard – Your and my comprehensive approach to Atlassian Software


Most of the people reading this blog post at the time of publishing will not know what Codeyard is. And it may sound strange that I am not sure either what it will be six months from now. If you want to stop reading right now, I will have to live with it. But there is a very big upside for you: Codeyard is everything Atlassian you want it to be.

Continuous Delivery in practice: Deployment at the touch of a button and release management with Bamboo

Continuous delivery aims to reduce development costs through high-level automation, speed up deployment processes, increase the quality of processes and be more flexible and responsive to customer requirements earlier on in the process. (Our video session offers a detailed introduction to the concept.) Part of this article addresses how this is done in practice. We will configure Atlassian’s CI server Bamboo to install a simple Java web application on a Tomcat application server at the touch of a button.

Behavior Driven Development and Bamboo: Visualizing Cucumber scenarios

Behavior Driven Development (BDD) aims to bring together the actors involved in software projects, from the stakeholders to developers, and to document functional requirements in simple and understandable standardized language.
These texts are not only meant to make sure everyone has a common understanding or to serve documentation purposes. They can also be used to test and verify whether the defined software criteria have been met with the help of modern tools.