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Top ten apps for Confluence that help your organization

Confluence is hugely valuable and once you have started using it it’s hard to imagine  going back to a time before Confluence. However, the more actively it is used, the more often teams will request specialized functions. We’ve listed our top ten apps that help teams and organizations work together more efficiently and effectively.

Draw.io Diagramming in Confluence: Cheat Sheets for Beginners

draw.io Shortcuts for Windows Basic

The highest rated diagramming solution for Atlassian products is called draw.io and is available as an add-on for Confluence from the marketplace. A Confluence user who hasn’t used similar diagramming tools will need time to familiarize themselves with draw.io, to learn how to use the basic functions, and then build on these skills. Our draw.io team has created cheat sheets for new users, available below.