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New Version 3.0 of Microblogging for Confluence: Enhanced user personalization, improved control possibilities for admins

Microblogging for Confluence is an add-on that extends Confluence to include a modern social media and communication feature with timeline, subscribable topics, likes, mentions, and other features that each employee knows from their private use of Facebook, Twitter & Co. Users and teams use Confluence microblogs to exchange ideas, to get quick feedback from colleagues, or to agree on projects in an uncomplicated way.

The New Linchpin Theme Plugin: Simple and Flexible Visual Configuration for Confluence

Linchpin Intranet

There isn’t much debate when it comes to the meaning of corporate branding. Both external and internal communication demand clean lines, if we’re talking about the general image of a company. With the introduction and development of an enterprise wiki, like Confluence, the adaptation to individual corporate design can bring value to companies and, most of all, to employees.

Dangers When Introducing Intranets

Writing tools

We continue to get questions about the risks of corporate intranets, because of something a person has read or heard. Basically, yes, an intranet can be dangerous. In most cases, only in theoretical scenarios, but these must be taken seriously when discussing the introduction of an intranet. Perhaps we can soothe some of your concerns.

Our customer DER Touristik’s new social intranet won the 2016 IntraNET Awards

For the fifth time, the online portal IntraNETwork selected the best intranets of the year. Among the three winners was “Compass,” DER Touristik’s new social intranet implemented by //SEIBERT/MEDIA and based on our Linchpin solution. Judged on various criteria, the 18 participating intranets and intranet apps were scanned and evaluated by a jury in the first round. Ten systems made it to the second round. Then, the IntraNETwork members were up. And they awarded the 2016 IntraNET award to DER Touristik.

Codeyard Building Blocks – Atlassian’s HipChat, Confluence, JIRA, Bitbucket and Bamboo together

Codeyard is our all-in-one-project solution for every Atlassian tool installed, configured and heavily used with your employees. It is a concept to launch approach that most product and service companies need to offer their customers to create value. Let’s talk about the Atlassian tool stack and how users can use it as a holistic solution to delivering value to customers (with or without software).

Enterprise Wikis: Advantages of Confluence compared to Foswiki and MediaWiki

In our article, “Enterprise Wikis: Criteria and important topics in the evaluation of wiki software” we discussed the diverse and unique requirements an enterprise wiki needs to meet. Decisions about choosing the right wiki system cannot be made using generalizations, but rather only by taking into account the specific needs of the company. In this article, we will draw a concrete comparison between the approaches of the Atlasssian Confluence commercial system and the open source systems Foswiki and MediaWiki. What are the strengths of Confluence compared to Foswiki and MediaWiki?

Confluence and Foswiki Plugins – A Comparison

All wiki systems have the same basic functions: opening, editing and saving documents. These functions can be covered in a single Wikipedia paragraph. The functions of a more advanced business wiki, however, are more complex. A business wiki is not simply a web lexicon, but rather is intended to systematically handle a variety of processes in the company.