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How to Organize Onboarding Documents in Confluence Cloud with Properties

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When onboarding new employees, they, as well as the colleagues who will be working together with them, need quite a lot of information: what’s their role? Where are they located? Who’s their Lead? How can they be contacted? To make it easier to manage all this information, you can use the Properties macros that are part of Blueprint Creator.

How to Plan your Marketing Campaigns in Confluence Cloud

How to Plan your Marketing Campaigns in Confluence Cloud

Marketing takes a lot of effort. It also takes involvement from many different teams. On top of the effort and collaboration requirements, it is an extremely sensitive piece of work. If your marketing message is interpreted the wrong way, you could have a catastrophe, which won’t look good. Luckily, Confluence and our Properties macros help you stay on top of things quite easily.

Properties: Capture and display information in Confluence cloud

You probably know by now that the Blueprint Creator is based on Atlassian’s Confluence knowledge management software – more specifically,  Confluence Server or Datacenter. As the ecosystem around Atlassian Cloud continues to grow, the end of the server line impacts app developers as well. To that end, we have been busy developing a cloud version of Blueprint Creator to offer our customers the benefits of Blueprint Creator in the Atlassian Cloud.