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Hybrid Work with Google Workspace – Part 6: Healthy Self-Management in the Home Office

Hybrid Work with Google Workspace - Part 6: Healthy Self-Management in the Home Office - thumbnail

For hybrid work to succeed, you need healthy routines and habits – it’s the only way to make the mix of home and office feel as natural as possible for everyone in the company. We’ll give you some tips on how to get the most out of your hybrid work model – with the help of Google Workspace.

Hybrid Work with Google Workspace – Part 5: Scenarios for Successful Meetings

Hybrid work with Google Workspace - Part 5: Scenarios for Successful Meetings - thumbnail

Not all hybrid meetings are the same, because every situation and every goal has an impact on the design of such a meeting. This may cause uncertainty at the beginning, but it also opens up many possibilities. To make sure hybrid meetings don’t unsettle you (anymore), we’ve prepared some templates to give you insights into the diverse world of hybrid work (and starting points to help you along).

Hybrid work with Google Workspace – Part 4: How to Succeed in Hybrid Meetings with Google Meet and Companion Mode

Hybrid work with Google Workspace - Part 4: How to succeed in hybrid meetings with Google Meet and Companion Mode - thumbnail

Have you ever attended a hybrid meeting remotely and wondered, “Do people in the office even notice me?” It’s not a great feeling when you’re sitting in your home office, barely able to join the conversation and ultimately feeling left out. But with Google Meet and Companion Mode, remote colleagues no longer have to worry about being literally “left out” of hybrid meetings. We’ll show you what interactive features Companion Mode has in store for you.

Working from home: How management can help teams stay on track

Insights into Remote Onboarding Experience

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus crisis, teams were suddenly forced to start working from home.  This resulted in all their usual team structures to be turned upside down. Lots of teams experienced how their teamwork and personal work organization changed entirely within just a few short days.

Continuation of our services during the Corona crisis: Remote collaboration rather than physical contact

remote collaboration

The Corona crisis is omnipresent right now, and we are also experiencing it first-hand, too. Luckily, we have the experience and resources to continue our collaborations remotely with useful and productive replacements for in-person meetings (temporarily or perhaps permanently). There’s no need for our collaboration and coordination to suffer – quite the opposite!

Our journey to working remotely at //Seibert/Media

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 has had us on tenterhooks since 2020 began. Home office is no longer something that’s “nice to have” but a necessity to support the containment of this pandemic. Here we look at some of the approaches we are currently using at //SEIBERT/MEDIA to make the most of the exceptional circumstances we find ourselves in!

The Meeting Owl: Improved integration in remote meetings?

Several of our teams are always looking for ways to improve remote integration – getting colleagues who work remotely more involved and removing any obstacles in their way. The most important use case here is the participation in meetings and calls, and, of course, integration is not just a question of software but hardware, too. Here we present the latest addition to our hardware – the Meeting Owl!

Build that wall! – Flextime, home office and really “clocking out”

Modern-day working offers many options when it comes to where and how employees work. While flextime and home office certainly have their advantages, they can also present several challenges for employees. Here one of our remote employees at //SEIBERT/MEDIA shares some experiences and tips.