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4 Useful Ways to Escape the Time-wasting Loop with SAFe® and Agile Hive

4 Ways to Escape the Time-wasting Loop with SAFe® and Agile Hive - thumbnail

Small startups and enterprises both need to harness agility in order to work in the most efficient way possible. The agile revolution is still thriving throughout the world and large organizations are starting to pick up on the advantages their startup competitors have. So how do enterprises scale the agile practices that seem to come so easily to startups and other lean organizations? Part of the answer is a framework and part of the answer is tooling.

Aid for Ukraine: Because our help is needed today

volunteers collecting donations for ukraine

There is a war going on in Ukraine. Not far from us, bombs are falling, rockets are being fired, tanks are rolling through fields and streets. At Seibert Media, we don’t want to just stand by and do nothing – we want to help. And we put our words into action. Very concretely. Read what we’re doing – and maybe you’ll be inspired to take action yourself. Together, we can at least give some hope to those who have fled the war.

How the Linchpin Intranet Helped dfv Mediengruppe Through the Pandemic

One way or another, Corona has hit every company and forced them to react quickly in order to remain operational and competitive: Suddenly everything was different! This was also the case for the dfv Mediengruppe based in Frankfurt. Our client used this uncertain initial phase of the pandemic to tackle and push forward a Linchpin intranet project, which had been simmering on a low flame for some time. In their presentation at last year’s Tools4AgileTeams conference, Verena Wagenpfeil and Michael Paulus from dfv presented this project with its effects and results.