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Awesome Custom Fields: An Important Jira Feature Has Become More Accessible and Understandable

The Wsjf Method for Prioritizing Work - and Integrating It in Jira with Awesome Custom Fields - thumbnail

Custom fields in Jira are a great thing: They allow individualization beyond the standard and enable adaptation to individual workflows and processes. At the same time, custom fields are quite an unwieldy topic for tech-savvy power users – but they are far too useful not to make more intensive use of the possibilities associated with them. What Jira lacks is true, intuitive management of custom fields. The app “Awesome Custom Fields” has set out to change that.

Linchpin Intranet Suite 5.4: A Big Update With Exciting New Features

Our intranet received a brand new update – with version 5.4, Linchpin Intranet Suite introduces better support for screen readers, time slots for events, a customizable mobile menu and more. Downloadable now from the Atlassian Marketplace.

Go for the Gold: Extracting Honey for a Second Time at Seibert Media

Go for the Gold: Extracting Honey for a Second time at Seibert Media - thumbnail

Honey harvesting at Seibert Media, part two: by the end of this summer, our bees on the Seibert field had been busy again, which is why we – together with our beekeeper Tom – were able to harvest Seibert honey for the second time. In this article, you can find out how Tom converted our headquarters into an extractor room and what else you can do with the supposed waste products from the honey harvest.

The Best Way to Share Content in Confluence Cloud

The Best Way to Share Content in Confluence Cloud - thumbnail

The content we produce reflects our skills, attention to detail, and creativity. Which makes it easy to spot when someone’s given something a lot of effort, which usually makes that content worth reading. To grab and hold the reader’s attention is very important. That’s why we recommend using Aura for Confluence Cloud to make your content more eye-catching, so more people read it.

Why Outsourcing First-level Support Can Make Everyone Happy in the End

Why Outsourcing First-level Support Can Make Everyone Happy in the End - thumbnail

Overworked IT specialists, desperate users: first-level support is a necessary but extremely resource-consuming service in every company. The problem: IT professionals are hard to find, and when capacities are blocked by first-level requests, in the worst case, important projects can’t be started. If the company also uses Atlassian systems, support can be even more difficult, as this requires extra expertise. One possible solution: outsource first-level support. Seibert Media now offers customized service packages for this purpose.

Soon In Your Linchpin Intranet: Timeslots for Events

A dark greyish picture featuring the text "Event Time Slots - Coming Soon To Your Linchpin Intranet Suite" and a screenshot showing an event card and the option to book individual 15-minutes long slots.

An intranet without event management? Unthinkable. Especially in a Confluence-based intranet. To help you organize (and participate in) events in your Linchpin intranet even better, we’re introducing a new feature in October: Timeslots for events! By the way, this feature was requested by some Linchpin users via Canny. This leads us to the question: Canny build it?! Yes, yes we can.