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Intranet Surveys for Employees: Examples, Tips, Pitfalls, Explanations and Links

Survey questions

Employee surveys may have some hurdles that can be annoying, or sometimes downright obstructive. We are currently working on employee surveys for a new intranet project, and this is my contribution to the conceptualization phase. If you are in a similar situation, the following thoughts and examples may be useful.

Survey Results: Requirements for Confluence intranets

Linchpin Intranet

My colleague and Atlassian consultant Adil Nasri wrote his bachelor thesis in 2015 on the topic of “Functional requirements for wiki systems for use as an intranet using Confluence as an example”. For his thesis, he conducted a scientific study of requirements for intranet systems in which 208 participants filled out surveys. Of those participating, 61.1% worked in companies with Confluence-based intranets, and 38.9% used other technical platforms. The contacts were provided by //SEIBERT/MEDIA.