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Templating.App – Standard Approach to Creating (Social) Media with Templates in Jira

Templating.app - Standard approach to creating (social) media - thumbnail

If you promote your products through social media, it pays to make sure it looks professional every time and you don’t forget anything. Well, if you use Jira for your issue tracking, there’s an easy way to make you never forget any steps: templates. With templating.app, you can create one template to rule them all, where you just have to enter some variables for every new campaign instead. Read on to find out how.

3 Steps To Make Your Sprint Planning Easier In Jira Cloud

3 Steps To Make Your Sprint Planning Easier In Jira Cloud - thumbnail

Within our worlds of product and project management, where Jira is one of, if not the essential tool in our toolkit, implementing complementary tools to make our work more efficient yields greater effectiveness. One such stellar example is Templating.app – Easy Issues & Subtasks, which allows product owners to create predefined sets of Jira issues needed with every new sprint. Find out how it can help during sprint planning in this article.