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How Universities Use Atlassian Confluence

Stanford University's Confluence service

Confluence is becoming widely used by universities and academic research groups for many reasons: It is attractive to educational providers because of its affordable Academic and Classroom Licenses. The add-on Atlassian Marketplace has hundreds of plug-ins that are useful for organisational, research and teaching applications. It is very easy to use compared to many academic or enterprise collaboration tools. Universities such as Stanford, Cambridge, and MIT have integrated JIRA and Confluence solutions for project management and customer service functionality, in addition to document collaboration in research and student groups.

36 use cases for an enterprise microblog (13 – 24)

The digital form of the talk in the hallway, where employees exchange information, news, ideas and project details and receive feedback and input, are a benefit for enterprises. But what are specific use cases for an enterprise microblog? We have collected 36 use cases. After the first twelve, read more about use cases 13 to 24.

66 Use Cases for an Enterprise Wiki (1 – 22)

We have summarized in our weblog 111 good reasons for using an enterprise wiki. But how can such a system blossom and show its’ added value and Return on Investment? What are some concrete examples of how companies can implement an enterprise wiki? Which possible uses make sense? Which of them are truly useful? And which of them can actually improve your efficiency? We have collected 66 ways to use wikis in organizations. Here are the first 22.