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Wiki novices, your new content is what’s important in Confluence, not structure or redundancy!

If you’re one of these newbies, this is my advice: don’t worry about this stuff right at the beginning! Don’t spend hours trying to find, fix and understand everything or build a clever structure. Instead, just get your first pages up so you can share your knowledge with your colleagues. This is what is most important in the beginning.

Content design for wikis: Customization options for ease of use

Customizing your design - teaser boxes make information stand out

A fundamental factor for the success of an enterprise wiki’s introduction is design optimization. This includes fine-tuning of the wiki’s online appearance, usability and navigation controls. In addition to this, guidelines (or templates) must be created for the actual wiki content to support productive and efficient work. This post covers the content design aspects most important to a company’s new wiki.

Launch campaigns drive the success of company wikis

Writing tools

An enterprise wiki, intranet or knowledge base is most successful when many employees actively use it, driving a good return on your investment. Employees will rarely immediately or actively use their new wiki if their company only runs an automated introduction. A targeted wiki launch campaign can help to advertise the wiki, and create the best conditions for successfully establishing it throughout the company.

How Companies Fail in Choosing Intranet Software


There is only one best intranet software. It’s ours.” It’s the condensed marketing message of most ads not only for intranets. We all know it can’t be true if two people say it. But the main problem is that companies still try to find out who is right and who is lying.

Our customer DER Touristik’s new social intranet won the 2016 IntraNET Awards

For the fifth time, the online portal IntraNETwork selected the best intranets of the year. Among the three winners was “Compass,” DER Touristik’s new social intranet implemented by //SEIBERT/MEDIA and based on our Linchpin solution. Judged on various criteria, the 18 participating intranets and intranet apps were scanned and evaluated by a jury in the first round. Ten systems made it to the second round. Then, the IntraNETwork members were up. And they awarded the 2016 IntraNET award to DER Touristik.

Space templates in Confluence: Copy Page Tree as a workaround

When we speak with customers about which content they maintain and how it is structured in Confluence, we are frequently confronted with a demand that sounds trivial but cannot be implemented with in-house means. There are no templates for spaces that you can use when creating new spaces. A new space should include template pages, often with specific content or even with specific information architecture.