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How Companies Fail in Choosing Intranet Software


There is only one best intranet software. It’s ours.” It’s the condensed marketing message of most ads not only for intranets. We all know it can’t be true if two people say it. But the main problem is that companies still try to find out who is right and who is lying.

Our customer DER Touristik’s new social intranet won the 2016 IntraNET Awards

For the fifth time, the online portal IntraNETwork selected the best intranets of the year. Among the three winners was “Compass,” DER Touristik’s new social intranet implemented by //SEIBERT/MEDIA and based on our Linchpin solution. Judged on various criteria, the 18 participating intranets and intranet apps were scanned and evaluated by a jury in the first round. Ten systems made it to the second round. Then, the IntraNETwork members were up. And they awarded the 2016 IntraNET award to DER Touristik.

Space templates in Confluence: Copy Page Tree as a workaround

When we speak with customers about which content they maintain and how it is structured in Confluence, we are frequently confronted with a demand that sounds trivial but cannot be implemented with in-house means. There are no templates for spaces that you can use when creating new spaces. A new space should include template pages, often with specific content or even with specific information architecture.

Codeyard Building Blocks – Atlassian’s HipChat, Confluence, JIRA, Bitbucket and Bamboo together

Codeyard is our all-in-one-project solution for every Atlassian tool installed, configured and heavily used with your employees. It is a concept to launch approach that most product and service companies need to offer their customers to create value. Let’s talk about the Atlassian tool stack and how users can use it as a holistic solution to delivering value to customers (with or without software).

Duplicate Content Defender for Confluence: Preventing redundant work and content

When creating a new Confluence page (specifically, when entering the page title), the Duplicate Content Defender automatically searches the instance (starting once the fourth character in the title line has been entered) for potential matching content and displays these potentially redundant pages. DCD references up to seven existing pages with an option to display additional results. The search includes both the page title and all of the page content. Search terms found in the titles are highlighted in bold.

The Pain of Email Hygiene

Business laptop

Most people suffer from the daily load of emails. I have met people who claim that it is not a big issue, but they also tell me that it’s just because the amount of emails they receive is fairly low. We can all feel the pain that emails create. And most know that the using email is often unappropriate. But how do we know when to email and when to go for a better alternative? That’s unsolved for most people. Most of the time we don’t even know what the appropriate action is. And often we fail to act professionally, although we know better.

Questions for Confluence – Should I be using it and how?

This post is both for people running Confluence and those using it. It tries to help you understand what the benefits of Questions for Confluence (formerly: Confluence Questions) are and why you and your co-workers may want to adopt it. This is not based on quantitative research. What you are reading is my best effort to help you with the knowledge and experience I have.

Linch and Pin – Stories About Collaboration and Intranets

This post is about Linch and Pin and their conversations about collaboration in an elevator. The two are working in a big corporation and analyze the difficulties of collaboration in this company during their encounters. They know, that there is a better way, but they are not in charge. Linch and Pin are the stars of our upcoming new video series. Stay tuned!