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4 Barriers that Hinder Team Productivity – and How to Overcome Them

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Achieving company-wide harmonisation and synchronisation of alignment so that all teams are working towards the same goals and pulling in the same direction is not a trivial task. In fact, it is more difficult today than ever before. The number of applications, the volume of information and the complexity we encounter every day are constantly increasing and creating barriers to team productivity.

How to Easily Create Checklists in Confluence

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There’s nothing more satisfying than checking things off a to-do list. While it’s true that Confluence has its own built-in to-do list in the form of Action Items, this is very bare-bones. With Checklists for Confluence, you can create and share much more elaborate checklists. You can even load and use them on your phone with a QR code!

Tools4AgileTeams 2022 – Vision under a Spotlight

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On 1 and 2 December, the Tools4AgileTeams conference took place. During this event, our speaker Joseph Assaf, consultant at our partner Kegon, explained an intriguing methodology to keep a project on track in times when businesses and teams can get lost in the fine detail of project work, which is known as project drift.

4 Useful Ways to Escape the Time-wasting Loop with SAFe® and Agile Hive

4 Ways to Escape the Time-wasting Loop with SAFe® and Agile Hive - thumbnail

Small startups and enterprises both need to harness agility in order to work in the most efficient way possible. The agile revolution is still thriving throughout the world and large organizations are starting to pick up on the advantages their startup competitors have. So how do enterprises scale the agile practices that seem to come so easily to startups and other lean organizations? Part of the answer is a framework and part of the answer is tooling.

Want to Increase Your Productivity and Wellbeing at Work? – Rethink Your Time and Your Calendar, says Google

It can be difficult to really get down to business when you’re trying to get stuff done. Notifications pop up everywhere, colleagues distract you with meetings and you jump from one too to the other. The people at Google know this as well, and give you some tips on how to be more productive by using your calendar more effectively.

Meetings as a last resort: Asynchronous communication with Atlassian Confluence and Jira

While meetings can be useful to come up with new ideas and alternatives, most meetings are very productive at all, and they tend to eat up employee’s valuable time. Here I make a case to reducing meetings to an absolute minimum and cultivating a culture of considerate asynchronous communication instead.