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Social Intranet: Linchpin Touch as a Solution for Legal Notice Obligations

Depending on the industry and the organization, there are various obligations for companies to display notices: certain laws must be publicly available to employees. A Linchpin intranet and a Linchpin Touch implementation on large interactive screens can help – and not just for this application.

How Do I Plan a Social Intranet in a Large Company? (Part 1)

Intranet linchpin connect with colleagues

Large corporations are like separate universes, and work differently to “normal” companies. If you are an intranet pioneer in your company, seeking to improve digital collaboration and improve the effectiveness, efficiency, transparency and trust with a modern social intranet solution, the following tips and recommendations should help you lead a social intranet project.

Dangers When Introducing Intranets

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We continue to get questions about the risks of corporate intranets, because of something a person has read or heard. Basically, yes, an intranet can be dangerous. In most cases, only in theoretical scenarios, but these must be taken seriously when discussing the introduction of an intranet. Perhaps we can soothe some of your concerns.

Intranet Surveys for Employees: Examples, Tips, Pitfalls, Explanations and Links

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Employee surveys may have some hurdles that can be annoying, or sometimes downright obstructive. We are currently working on employee surveys for a new intranet project, and this is my contribution to the conceptualization phase. If you are in a similar situation, the following thoughts and examples may be useful.

Intranets From the Point of View of the Employee Representatives: Tips, Tricks and Mistakes

Intranet linchpin connect with colleagues

When introducing an intranet, there are often fundamental misunderstandings with the members of the employee representative group or worker’s council. This post is intended to remedy some of the common misunderstandings, and provide the employee representatives with useful tips for involvement in an intranet project.